Survival Ecuador
    Teen Mom Realizes She’s Never Alone
    Lesly and baby Sebastian receive the spiritual and physical support they need after joining Compassion’s Survival Program.
    Child Sponsorship Indonesia
    How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Spiritually?
    Compassion sponsors help release children from all forms of poverty — even those not visible on the surface.
    Child Sponsorship Philippines
    Keeping Busy for God
    Bea has a lot of things going against her. Life could seem hopeless, but it’s not. Why? Because Bea met Jesus.
    Youth Development Dominican Republic
    From Gang Leader to Teen Preacher
    With the help of his Compassion center mentors, Oscar turns away from a path of destruction to walk with Christ instead.
    Clearing the Sludge and Seeing Our Sacredness

    An encouraging devotional written by Aarti Sequeira — TV personality, cookbook author and Compassion advocate

    Child Sponsorship Philippines
    Art From the Heart
    At 5 years old, Evie has already figured out how to use her gifts from God to help others.
    Good News
    Photos and Videos
    Good News
    In a world that is hurting, some smiles and laughter can bring so much healing. We want to share with you good news stories of pastors, teachers, moms and dads and children who are bringing hope and joy to the world around them. Each person and their story shown below is just a small representation of the impact made through the support, prayers and love of child advocates around the world.
    An Ethiopian woman uses a knife to cut into a large loaf of dabo.
    Dabo is a traditional Ethiopian bread that's very different from injera, the bread usually associated with the East African country.
    Critical Needs Honduras
    Operation Grocery Delivery
    When Honduras went into lockdown due to COVID-19, over 200 Compassion-assisted child development centers had to temporarily close. Find out how a group of dedicated staff worked with some VERY high officials to make sure children were still fed and cared for!
    Eva sits in her classroom
    Critical Needs Guatemala
    Protection Against Violence
    At home, Eva was surrounded by violence, but she found refuge at her Compassion center. Learn how her story inspired staff to transform an entire community.
    Child Sponsorship Indonesia
    What Does Cognitive Development Have to Do With Child Protection?
    The knowledge and problem-solving skills that sponsored children learn in Compassion's program can break the generational poverty cycle.
    Critical Needs Ethiopia
    Protection for Vulnerable Children
    Abandoned by their mom, twin sisters Elisabeth and Alemtarik were raised by their hardworking father. When his health began to fail, Compassion staff was there to ensure the girls would never again be left behind.