Don’t worry, Mama. I can do this.

    Mylene was ecstatic when she found out her son, Jasper, had a sponsor. But when she learned that he would need to write letters, her heart sank. There was one problem: Jasper was born without arms.

    Leading the Way to Jesus

    As a child, Rainatou regularly participated in the fun activities at her Compassion program in northern Burkina Faso. But no one could imagine that the 10-year-old girl would be the first in her family to choose to follow Jesus.

    Child Sponsorship Prayer
    How Do Sponsored Children Pray?

    Life in poverty gives sponsored children a unique perspective on prayer.

    Letter Writing Sponsorship
    Near to the Brokenhearted

    I’m going to be honest. I was totally naive when I first picked out my sponsored child’s picture from the sea of packets at a Compassion event.

    From Mini Golf to Six Figures

    Matt Vermeer is a sponsor in Michigan who co-founded an annual golf tournament that has raised $120,000 for Compassion and helped find sponsors for 17 children over ten years!

    Our First Library

    In northern Bangladesh where Ripa’s family lives, green rice paddies and rolling hills stretch for miles. The region is also home to some of the poorest districts in the country: 77 percent of the population lives in poverty, more than half in extreme poverty.

    The 14-Year-Old Pastor

    Raymark, a 14-year-old from the Philippines, leads a weekly church service for the other children in his neighborhood.

    A 12-Year-Old Takes on Poverty

    12-year-old Traynor chose to raise money for the Where Most Needed fund at Compassion. He wanted to be sure he could do the most good at just the right time for children in need.

    You Inspire Us

    Compassion sponsors demonstrate with their time and resources that their hearts reflect the love of Jesus to our neighbors around the world.

    Nicaragua Youth Development
    Embossing the Future

    As teenagers in Compassion’s program in Nicaragua, Santiago, Eddy and Juan discovered a passion for embossing. Now, they use it to help support their families during crisis.

    Mexico Youth Development
    Socially Distant, Emotionally Close

    Meet Didier, a soccer coach in Mexico who refused to let the pandemic allow his Compassion-assisted athletes to feel alone.

    El Salvador Survival
    The Miracle of Melany

    When Jaqueline was told that her newborn daughter had down syndrome, the world seemed to stop. She had no idea why this was happening to her. But with the support of the Compassion Survival Program, there was hope.