Child Development Workers Bolivia
    Protection Against Loneliness
    Follow Jael, a Compassion staff member who spends her days visiting moms and babies living in desperate poverty — as she helps guard against the loneliness and isolation that many might feel.
    Sponsors and Donors Togo
    How Sponsors Helped Reunite a Family in Africa

    The Church steps up to help a girl missing her father.

    Critical Needs Nicaragua
    Eating and Playing Again
    A regular checkup at a Compassion center caught an illness threatening Cheyla's life — just before COVID-19 lockdowns began.
    Survival Bangladesh
    Why This Mom and Baby No Longer Go Hungry
    Kanti had only rice to eat. Her baby? Only water. Here’s how they were rescued from malnutrition.
    kids show off their new toothbrushes
    Child Sponsorship Ecuador
    Big, Beautiful Smiles
    With children as young as toddlers experiencing tooth decay in a rural community in Ecuador, Compassion's local church partner took action.
    Critical Needs Honduras
    "I Beat Dengue"

    Rafael got infected with severe dengue and spent almost a month hospitalized in the capital city’s public hospital. Doctors doubted his healing, but Rafeal wouldn’t give up.

    Critical Needs Tanzania
    Healed From Seizures

    A head injury left James suffering seizures several times a day. After 11 years and countless trips to the hospital with no permanent solution, Compassion helped to restore his childhood.

    Child Sponsorship Indonesia
    How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Physically?

    Meet Rusdy, a Compassion Project Facilitator, who is able to minister to children in desperate poverty because of sponsors and partners like you. Experience how Compassion helps children physically in this powerful video.

    Country Trips El Salvador
    Unforgettable Family Trip

    When a U.S. family travels to El Salvador to visit their sponsored child and her mother, they discover a common connection more powerful than any differences.

    Three bowls of wild mushroom soup sit on a table next to three hot peppers
    Wild Mushroom Soup
    Mexican cuisine features a variety of wild mushrooms in tamales, salads, stews — and soups like this one!
    This staple Kenyan food is a simple vegetarian stew of corn and beans.
    Arroz con Leche
    Arroz con leche is a rice pudding enjoyed as a dessert or snack throughout Central America.