Brazil Child Sponsorship
    The Power of a Letter

    Among many other challenges in her life, 11-year-old Kaylane mourns the loss of a parent and faces bullying from classmates at her school. But because of her sponsor’s letters, Kaylane knows she is deeply loved and supported.

    Being Anxious for Nothing

    Take a look into Compassion President and CEO Santiago "Jimmy" Mellado’s journey with anxiety and how he uses Philippians 4 to guide him toward peace.

    The Journey Prayer Guide
    Pray About: Children With Special Needs
    Colombia Child Development
    No Longer Afraid

    Eight-year-old Neriana experienced so much anxiety from the pandemic that her blood sugar levels skyrocketed. But with the support of Ester, a dedicated Compassion tutor, Neriana found peace.

    Indonesia Youth Development
    From Depression to Hope

    After losing his mother, Joffian spiraled into a deep depression. But with the support of the local Compassion center, he is now filled with hope and healing.

    El Salvador Survival
    Hope Can’t Be Quarantined

    When COVID-19 hit her community in El Salvador, Amparito — a mother living in poverty — was filled with anxiety. But with the support of her local Compassion Survival Program, she's now filled with hope and peace.

    Sponsorship Volunteer - Advocate
    God Is Too Good to Let Us Down

    Last year, Gary signed up to volunteer with Compassion at a women's conference. You'll be blown away as you read how God worked through him.

    Youth Development
    How Does Sponsorship Help Kids Emotionally?

    Compassion sponsors help release children from all forms of poverty — even those not visible on the surface.

    Philippines Spiritual Development
    The Ripple Effect

    A dedicated daughter cares for her blind father in a profound way.

    Poverty 101 Kenya
    From Darkness Into the Light

    A single light brought physical, academic and spiritual transformation to Dennis and his family.

    About Compassion
    Understanding "Compassion" in a New Way

    "Compassion" is a word we hear a lot in our churches, in our communities and, as Compassion International sponsors, in our giving. But it’s not often that we take the time to think about what that word really means.

    Compassion Sunday
    A Generous Mother-Daughter Duo

    Nicole and her daughter decided that they wanted to "DO something" amid the COVID-19 chaos. They ended up helping 23 children living in poverty.