Poverty 101 Africa
    A Vision for Africa

    An inspiring interview with Compassion Africa’s vice president.

    Youth Development Ghana
    Richard the Inventor

    An innovative teenager shows how far a little encouragement can go.

    Youth Development Tanzania
    Teen with Albinism Faces Threats and Stigma

    Sponsorship boosts a Tanzanian boy’s confidence by allowing him to attend school and Compassion activities.

    Rosa Vega

    With the help of Compassion and her sponsors, Rosa has moved from survival to dreaming.

    Child Sponsorship Guatemala
    Teaching Her Father to Read

    A father chooses to invest in his daughter’s education — an investment that would pay off in ways he never could have imagined.

    Child Sponsorship Philippines
    Teen’s Church Wouldn’t Give Up on Her

    When a sponsored girl discovered her parents’ drug business, she needed her Compassion center more than ever.

    Dominican Republic Health Medical
    Holding on to Life

    A medical diagnosis gives Compassion staff the opportunity to find answers for a sick girl.

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    Child Sponsorship Togo
    A Father Raises His Kids on $2 a Day

    Sponsorship allows a widower to envision a better future for his 8-year-old son.

    Grace Karera

    "To some people a hospital is a scary place, but to me, it’s a life-changing sanctuary."

    Letter Writing For New Sponsors
    Letters Bring Hope

    You will never know how much your words matter.

    Advocacy Sponsors and Donors
    A Sponsor’s Harrowing Climb for Kids in Poverty

    Two years of intense training couldn’t prepare her for everything Mount Rainier had in store.

    Youth Development Dominican Republic
    Becoming a Dominican Doctor

    Ariel and his wife, Yara Maria, are both doctors. But as an adolescent, poverty threatened to keep Ariel from his dreams.