|   Posted: September 08, 2022   |   Updated: September 23, 2022

Final Report: September 23, 2022

The flood in Luwu City, Indonesia has receded and the situation is back to normal. A total of 41 impacted participants and their families have been able to return to their daily activities and were able to receive clean water and food during the flooding.

Thank you for praying for these participants and their families.

Disaster Alert: September 8, 2022

In early September, flooding affected the villages in Luwu City, Indonesia. Participants and their families are not able to access clean water, and their livelihoods were impacted because there was damage to the rice field that was just planted. The Child Development Center (CDC) is continuing to monitor the situation and determine the impact on specific participants and family members. They have provided medicine, drinks and food to those affected.

Please pray for those impacted by this flood.