|   Posted: September 06, 2022   |   Updated: September 06, 2022

Disaster Final Report: Heavy Rains in Northwest and Central Regions of Colombia - September 15, 2022

A total of 118 participants and their families have been affected by the heavy rains in the Northwest and Central departments of Urabá, Córdoba, Magdalena, Bolívar and Meta in Colombia. The local Child Development Centers (CDCs) have provided food, bedding, and kitchen utensils, and will continue to visit the families to ensure their wellbeing.

Thank you for praying for these families and the communities.

Disaster Alert: Urabá Flooding in Colombia - September 6, 2022

The heavy rains continue in the area of Urabá in Colombia, affecting local churches that are located by the Atrató river. Emergency teams have been activated in local churches to take preventative measures. Currently, 331 participants and their families as well as four church staff members have been impacted by this disaster. There is great need, and several houses have been seriously damaged. The Compassion Colombia National Office has provided disaster relief funds for food, water, home repair, clothing, and other household items. The Child Development Center (CDC) continues to deliver food and hygiene kits to those impacted. The rainy season is expected to continue through November.

Please pray for the participants, families, and staff impacted by this flooding.