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0 0 39 91 4 0
  • [H3] New Quests, Exp and Characters Auctions.
  • [H3] added new hunting grounds with monsters.
  • [H3] New Quests, Raids, Tasks, Upgrade System and New Spells.
  • [H3] Added Inferno Quest (lvl 666 +)
  • [H3] Added Devil Tower Quest (lvl 666 +)
  • [H3] Added new Raids with monsters
  • [H3] Added new Tasks with monsters
  • [H3] For each profession added new spells
  • [H3] New Quests, Raids, Tasks oraz PK SHOP.
  • [H3] Added Design Quest (lvl 400 +)
  • [H3] Added Engine Quest (lvl 500 +)
  • [H3] At Boss Roomie teleport return they were placed only at the end of the room's added there also new Raids with Bosses.
  • [H3] Added new Tasks with monsters
  • [H3] exp renovated room and depot.
  • [H3] New Quests, Exp and Raids.
  • [H3] Added Ruler of The Undead Quest (lvl 777 +)
  • [H3] Added Imperial Quest (lvl 1000 +)
  • [H3] added new hunting grounds with monsters.
  • [H3] Added new Raids with monsters
  • [H3] New Quests, Raids and Exp.
  • [H3] Added Enigmatic Quest (lvl 500 +)
  • [H3] Added Galactic Quest (lvl 666 +)
  • [H3] Added Emporium Quest (lvl 1000 +)
  • [H3] Added new Raids with monsters
  • [H3] added new hunting grounds with monsters.
  • [H3] on a quest with shields added Combined Shield Room.
  • [H3] New Quests, Swim Event and Exp.
  • [H3] Added Underground Jungle Quest (lvl 300 +)
  • [H3] Added Energetic Quest (lvl 555 +)
  • [H3] Added Dungeon Quest (lvl 700 +)
  • [H3] added new hunting grounds with monsters.
  • [H3] New Quests, Tasks, Raids, Exp and Top Quest Makers!.
  • [H3] In the city added new raids with monsters
  • [H3] added new hunting grounds with monsters
  • [H3] New Raids and Exp.
  • [H3] added new exp with monsters
  • [H3] Added new raids with monsters
  • [H3] Added new Tasks with monsters
  • [H3] Added new exp with monsters.
  • [H4] Added Tasmania Quest (lvl 600 +)
  • [H4] the presence of monsters in the quest
  • [H4] Added Elementium Quest (lvl 700 +)
  • [H4] see the quest in full glory.
  • [H4] the presence of monsters in the quest
  • [H4] Added Characters Auctions players can there buy oraz sell characters for premium points.
  • [H4] Deathes, Raidens, Devil Minion, Demolandes, Derbit, Undead Tritonis.
  • [H4] Tibia Sms Shop
  • [H4] Tibia News Archive
  • [H4] Tibia Ticker Archive
  • [H4] Tibia Create Account
  • [H4] Tibia Forum Axera OTS
  • [H4] Download Tibia and Ip Changer 8.60
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Hyrania, Samber, Raidens, Plantasmer, Mortifera Servant, Xerxes, Dines, Magnat, Deathes, Wingor, Sanger, Raptor, Plantas, Septor + Boss Dementor.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Trinsein, Devil Minion, Blue Demon, Black Devil, Poi Master, Sonic, Ziraptor, Nemiroz, + Boss Devilers.
  • [H4] Rotworm, Septor, Drozer, Plantasmer, Grimer.
  • [H4] Plantasmer, Underion, Drozer, Versus, Septor, Arbelos, Wingor, Grimer, Ziraptor.
  • [H4] For Profession Knight added spell "Exori Smoke" For Profession Paladin added spell "Exevo Fly" For Profession Sorcerer added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Assassin" For Profession Druid added spell "Exevo Gran Mas Ghost"
  • [H4] Added a new tab Upgrade System For more information about the upgrade system can be found by clicking on the picture below:
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Banshee, Diabolic Imp, Destroyer, Phantasm, Plaguesmith, Demon, Blightwalker, Lost Soul, Grim Reaper, Hellfire Fighter, Hand of Cursed Fate, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut + Boss Designer.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Bringer, Wingor, Magneton, Samber, Sanger, Nertal, Nerazin, Sonic, Magnum, Poi Master, Zorobaster, Cartrezon, Yavenger, Ziraptor + Boss Craptor.
  • [H4] Fentazor, Razalez, Ramentar.
  • [H4] Human, Hellhound King, Cyrulik Warrior, Chuck Norris, Lizard Abomination.
  • [H4]
  • [H4]
  • [H4] In sms shop added mount paw After its use for a specified amount of time obtained a mount!
  • [H4] Continuous killing other players, there is nothing to gain ceases to be profitable and for some people get bored because the time to change that arises PK Shop!
  • [H4] Kill the other players and earn points pk shop replace them on cc, frag removers and other items!
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Diblon, Diblonik, Deror, Diblonik Masters, Demonic, Dark Toruner, Demonic Master, Lost Linders, Dark Toruneros, Brightriker Masterangers, Undead Dragoners, Houndersan, Beezer + Boss Undero.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Plaguns, Golem, Plagunser, Furania, Magneton, Nertal, Blue Demon, Ice Master, Houndersan, Zorobaster, Poi Master, Cartrezon, Sorgatrezon, Galfactor, Ice Demon, Blinx, Ziraptor, Hell Poi Master, Linders + 4 Bossy Mitron, Gergez, Aroner, Hefardes.
  • [H4] Human, Hellhound King, Cyrulik Warrior, Chuck Norris, Lizard Abomination.
  • [H4] Versus, Wingor, Xerxes, Golem, Gianters.
  • [H4] All quests that were teleport marked hunting grounds were transferred to teleport with the inscription quests, the quest room has been transformed.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Nightstalker, Derorex, Gianters, Ghastly Dragon, Nigarex, Golden Magnat, Houndersan, Sonic, Undead Dragoners, Lost Linders, Rift Scythe, Dark Toruneros, Handen of cursed master, Demonic Masters, Undead Dragoners, Beezer + Boss Xarion.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Magnat, Nertal, Magneton, Blue Demon, Yavenger, Magnum, Cartrezon, Sorgatrezon, Galfactor, Ziraptor + Boss Energizer.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Versus, Plantasmer, Drozer, Golem, Magnat, Ghastly Dragon, Septor, Golden Magnat, Underion, Yavenger, Magnum, Arbelos, Handen of Curded Masters, Ziraptor, Bezeraker + Boss Emperor.
  • [H4] Goblin, Crystal Spider, Quara, Samber, Raidens, Magnat.
  • [H4] Morgaroth, Hellhound. Grim Reaper, Plaguesmith, Serpent Spawn, Behemoth, Hellspawn, Spectre, War Golem, Nightmare, Nightmare Scion, Werewolf.
  • [H4] In todays update we introduced Swim Event. More information about this event can be found by clicking on the picture below:
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Gargoyle, Bog Raider, Giant Spider, Ancient Scarab, Defiler, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Hellspawn, Dark Torturer + Boss Rahelion.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Undead Dragon, Deathes, Blue Demon, Sonic, Yavenger, Norad, Entrez, Magneton, Morgades, Black Devil, Underion, Bringer, Poi Master + Boss Magnus.
  • [H4] the existence of monsters on the way to the quest.
  • [H4] Plaguesmith, Magneton, Lost Soulans, Undead Uners, Deranox, Handen of Coursed Masterson, Son of Verinoson, Bezeraker, Brightriker Masterangers, Plaguesmith, Blue Demon, Black Devil, Dark Tortur, Levis, Nigaron, Plaganes, Demonic Masterson , Hellhound Master, Plaganes Master, Bezeraker Master, Undead Uner Master + Boss Volderion.
  • [H4] Azerus. Golden Magnat, Black Devil, Levis.
  • [H4] in account management added the ability to hide outfit, equipment, hp and mana, last exp, skills, quests, death, frag. practically everything that appears on the search characters.
  • [H4] added with a bookmark Spells, Experience Table and flags w Statistics i leaves Online.
  • [H4] Added Drahalas Quest (lvl 360 +)
  • [H4] Added Boots of Speed Quest (lvl 450 +)
  • [H4] Added Blue Ring Quest (lvl 500 +)
  • [H4] Added Hardcore Arena Quest (lvl 900 +)
  • [H4] to spawn bosses added new raidy of bosses
  • [H4] Phrodomo, Phrazer, Phantom, Apophis
  • [H4] Added new tasks with monsters
  • [H4] Medusa, Samber, Raidens, Magnat, Magnum, Mage of Destroyers.
  • [H4] Squirrel, Bear, Minotaur, Dwarf, Wyrm, Grim Reaper, Blue Demon.
  • [H4] Samber, Xerxes, Hellspawn, Raidens, Wingor, Magnat, Santic, Magnum.
  • [H4] added a new bookmark Top Quest Makers!
  • [H4] added in-game display of how far who has completed quests (just do a look on the form).
  • [H4] now after searching for someone as you can see info about the house.
  • [H4] Nightmare, Yeti, Demon, Grim Reaper, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound.
  • [H4] Wyvern, Worker Golem, Black Knight, Infernalist, Massive Fire Elemental, Undead Dragon.
  • [H4] New Quests, Raids, Tasks, Exp and Top Task Makers!
  • [H4] Mage Hat Quest (lvl 500 +)
  • [H4] incidence of monsters on the quest
  • [H4] Galfactory + boss Manger.
  • [H4] Military Arena Quest (lvl 500 +)
  • [H4] incidence of monsters in the arena
  • [H4] frider, blader, bevior, arad, brazer, heraz, bredberg, recaro, gladiatus, crezor.
  • [H4] Mighty Arena Quest (lvl 600 +)
  • [H4] incidence of monsters in the arena
  • [H4] avager, kraber, dekar, herez, slaimer, artera, drazger, pherazon, waterion, firazore.
  • [H4] Elitary Arena Quest (lvl 700 +)
  • [H4] incidence of monsters in the arena
  • [H4] warez, drakero, nagaro, laprizer, sweran, marezor, graber, falarez, deathber, the oberon.
  • [H4] Added new Raids with Bosses
  • [H4] Demontero, Ambarezon, Certion, Centurion.
  • [H4] Massive Water Elementals, Betrayed Wraiths, Blightwalkers, Hyranias, Zombies, Gianters, Blue Demons, Sonics.
  • [H4] Hellspawn, Grim Reaper, Hyrania, Demon, Rift Scythe, Gianters, Blue Demon, Sonic, Ghazbaran, Galfactor.
  • [H4] Added a new bookmark Top Task Makers!
  • [H4] The results of the competition for the highest level of experience, magic level, Shielding, Distance, Club, Sword, Axe, Fist and Fishing: 1 st place in the experience Blackskull 2,500 points 2 nd place in the experience Lanos 1500 points 3 rd place in the experience of Aneta 800 points First place in skills.
  • [H5]
  • [H5] Diabolic Imp, Destroyer, Behemoth, Plaguesmith, Hellspawn, Betrayed Wraith, Demon, Lost Soul, Dark Torturer, Grim Reaper, Hellfire Fighter, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Raptor, Blue Demon, Sonic, Zorobaster + Boss Tauron.
  • [H5] Braindeath, Nightmare Scion, Diabolic Imp, Nightmare, Serpent Spawn, Destroyer, Plaguesmith, Demon, Grim Reaper, Ghastly Dragon, Hellhound, Undead Dragon, Juggernaut, Black Devil, Poi Master, Levis, Yavenger + Boss Elementar.
  • [H5]
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Download Tibia and Ip Changer 8.60 Internal Passing Juice
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