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Title فری پیپر | دانلود رایگان مقاله

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Description دانلود رایگان مقالات علمی از پایگاه‌های معتبر ISI : Wiley IEEE ScienceDirect Springer JSTOR ACM nature SAGE Oxford AIAA RSC ACS ASCE AIP Emerland IET MIT ...

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description دانلود رایگان مقالات علمی از پایگاه‌های معتبر ISI : Wiley IEEE ScienceDirect Springer Taylor & Francis JSTOR ACM nature SAGE Oxford Informs AIAA RSC ACS ASCE AIP Emerland IET ICE GeoScienceWorld MIT Informa Healthcare AJPE JOP ...
title فری پیپر | دانلود رایگان مقاله بصورت خودکار
site_name freepaper.me
type article
image http://www.freepaper.me/static/assets/img/freepaper-logo-full-300x120.png
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  • [H1] سوالات متداول|راهنما | لینک چکیده مقاله را وارد کنید:
  • [H2] دانلود ويـژه
  • [H2] دانلود عادی
  • [H2] دانلود رایگان
  • [H2] حمایت مالی از فری پیپرز
  • [H3] دانلود عادی
  • [H3] دانلود ويـژه
  • [H4] آخرین مقالات دانلود شده ×
  • [H4] جستجو آزمایشی ×
  • [H4] درباره ما ×
  • [H4] روال کاری و شرایط استفاده ×
  • [H4] به چه منابعی دسترسی دارم؟ ×
  • [H4] محدودیت های دانلود و تعرفه خرید اعتبار ×
  • [H4] دانلود مقاله
  • [H4] جستجو
  • [H4] آخرین مقالات دانلود شده
  • [H4] به چه منابعی دسترسی دارم؟
  • [H4] روال کاری و شرایط استفاده
  • [H4] تماس با ما
  • [H4] محدودیت و تعرفه ها
  • [H4] 2329GBآرشیو ما
  • [H4] 4,652,236دانلود موفق
  • [H4] " +((t==2) ? '[عادی] ' : '[ويژه] ') + "" + $(gs_res[index].innerHTML).find(".gs_rt a")[0].innerHTML + " (abstract)
  • [H4] شاید این مقالات هم به کار شما بیاید:
  • [H5]
  • [H5] بیشترین مقالات دانلود شده
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عضویت Internal Passing Juice
ورود Internal Passing Juice
سوالات متداول External Passing Juice
راهنما External Passing Juice
Turbulent Spot in Linearly Stable Taylor Couette Flow Internal Passing Juice
Contracting knowledge: the organizational limits to interdisciplinary energy efficiency research and development in the US and the UK Internal Passing Juice
Bio-energy in China: Content analysis of news articles on Chinese professional internet platforms Internal Passing Juice
Citation analysis of doctoral dissertations at IIMA: A review of the local use of journals Internal Passing Juice
Eco-efficiency analysis of sludge treatment scenarios in urban cities: the case of Hong Kong Internal Passing Juice
Contact detection algorithms for three-dimensional ellipsoids in discrete element modelling: Xiaoshan Lin & Tang-Tat Ng, International Journal for Numerical & Analytical Methods in Geomechanics, 19(9), 1995, pp 653–659 Internal Passing Juice
Performance improvement of carbon fiber/polyethylene fiber hybrid composites Internal Passing Juice
Experimental and numerical investigation on the influence of particle shape and shape approximation on hopper discharge using the discrete element method Internal Passing Juice
Are there associations between early emotional trauma and anxiety disorders? Evidence from a systematic literature review and meta-analysis Internal Passing Juice
What’s the state of energy studies research?: A content analysis of three leading journals from 1999 to 2008 Internal Passing Juice
DEM modelling of industrial granular flows: 3D case studies and the effect of particle shape on hopper discharge Internal Passing Juice
Fully bio-based and biodegradable polylactic acid/poly(3-hydroxybutirate) blends: Use of a common plasticizer as performance improvement strategy Internal Passing Juice
The role of alpha-adrenoceptor mechanism(s) in morphine-induced conditioned place preference in female mice Internal Passing Juice
Pullulan-based nanoparticles as carriers for transmucosal protein delivery Internal Passing Juice
Effects of MicroPCMs on the fabrication of MicroPCMs/polyurethane composite foams Internal Passing Juice
Endocrine disruption and oxidative stress in larvae of Chironomus dilutus following short-term exposure to fresh or aged oil sands process-affected water Internal Passing Juice
Does written emotional disclosure improve the psychological and physical health of caregivers? A systematic review and meta-analysis Internal Passing Juice
In-tube passive heat transfer enhancement in the process industry Internal Passing Juice
A Meta-analysis on the Antecedents and Consequences of Computer Anxiety Internal Passing Juice
Processing damages of material components of aerial conductors and their tribological behaviors under dry friction Internal Passing Juice
Gear Shift Optimization for Off-road Construction Vehicles Internal Passing Juice
Features of top-rated gold open access journals: An analysis of the scopus database Internal Passing Juice
The use of safety-seeking behavior in exposure-based treatments for fear and anxiety: Benefit or burden? A meta-analytic review Internal Passing Juice
Environmental Reporting of Global Corporations: A Content Analysis based on Website Disclosures Internal Passing Juice
Analysis of Decomposition Algorithms with Benders Cuts for p-Median Problem Internal Passing Juice
Urban rapid transit network design: accelerated Benders decomposition Internal Passing Juice
Journal of financial economics — Volumes 20, 21, and 22 Internal Passing Juice
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble chitosan derivate and its antibacterial activity Internal Passing Juice
The world's largest macroalgal bloom in the Yellow Sea, China: Formation and implications Internal Passing Juice
The reduced detailed configuration accounting (RDCA) model for NLTE plasma spectral calculations Internal Passing Juice
A hybrid detailed level and configuration accounting model for investigating the radiative opacity of gold plasmas with open 4d and 4f shells Internal Passing Juice
Deriving an explicit hepatic clearance equation accounting for plasma protein binding and hepatocellular uptake Internal Passing Juice
Sugars, sugar alcohols, fruit acids, and ascorbic acid in wild Chinese sea buckthorn (Hippophaë rhamnoides ssp. sinensis) with special reference to influence of latitude and altitude Internal Passing Juice
Detailed Term Accounting calculations of plasma opacity Internal Passing Juice
Micro-opto-mechanical disk for inertia sensing Internal Passing Juice
Aluminatesulfonic acid: Novel and recyclable nanocatalyst for efficient synthesis of aminoalkyl naphthols and amidoalkyl naphthols Internal Passing Juice
Food allergy and pseudoallergy Internal Passing Juice
Applications of a novel nano magnetic catalyst in the synthesis of 1,8-dioxo-octahydroxanthene and dihydropyrano[2][2,3-c]pyrazole derivatives Internal Passing Juice
Behaviour of empty steel grain silos under wind loading: part 2: the stiffened conical roof shell Internal Passing Juice
Tests for departure from normality in the case of linear stochastic processes Internal Passing Juice
What is primary lateral sclerosis? Internal Passing Juice
Modeling vortex-shedding effects for the stochastic response of tall buildings in non-synoptic winds Internal Passing Juice
Rational pharmacotherapy for Alzheimer's disease Internal Passing Juice
Wall pressures in squat steel silos from simple finite element analysis Internal Passing Juice
Plastic buckling of rings at steel silo transition junctions Internal Passing Juice
Neuromuscular therapy treatment in post-mastectomy care Internal Passing Juice
Elastic buckling strength of T-section transition ringbeams in steel silos and tanks Internal Passing Juice
Chapter 5 - Differential Thermal Analysis and Differential Scanning Calorimetry Internal Passing Juice
Neurocognitive function and quality of life in relation to hematocrit levels in chronic hemodialysis patients Internal Passing Juice
Laminar MHD natural convection of nanofluid containing gyrotactic microorganisms over vertical wavy surface saturated non-Darcian porous media Internal Passing Juice
Speed-up Benders decomposition using maximum density cut (MDC) generation Internal Passing Juice
Micro and Nanostructured Phases Obtained by Mechanical Alloying - Low Temperature Annealing in AB5-H2 Systems Internal Passing Juice
Participatory Action Research Designs in Applied Disability and Rehabilitation Science: Protecting Against Threats to Social Validity Internal Passing Juice
Physicochemical properties and antioxidant activities of melanin and fractions from Auricularia auricula fruiting bodies Internal Passing Juice
Chemistry of organosilicon compounds 113 chemoselective allylation of carbonyl compounds with allylsilanes promoted by tetra-n-butylammonium fluoride. A new synthesis of homoallyl alcohols Internal Passing Juice
High-temperature integrated and flexible ultrasonic transducers for nondestructive testing Internal Passing Juice
Quadrio Curzio, A., Fortis, M. (Eds.): Research and Technological Innovation. The Challenge for a New Europe Internal Passing Juice
Exploring Technological Innovation in a Global Economy Internal Passing Juice
Intramolecular variants of aminomethano desilylation: Reactions of in situ generated immonium ions with allylsilanes Internal Passing Juice
Factors Associated with Depressive Mood in the Elderly Residing at the Long-Term Care Facilities Internal Passing Juice
Negative impacts of afforestation and economic forestry on the Chinese Loess Plateau and proposed solutions Internal Passing Juice
Measures of aging with disability in U.S. secondary data sets: Results of a scoping review Internal Passing Juice
Experiments on a square planform steel silo Internal Passing Juice
Dynamic ultrasonic scanning as an NDT tool Internal Passing Juice
Effect of household processing on pesticide residues in field-sprayed tomatoes Internal Passing Juice
Pulsed EPR study of the (NO)2–Na+ triplet state adsorption complex Internal Passing Juice
A facile microwave synthetic route for ferrite nanoparticles with direct impact in magnetic particle hyperthermia Internal Passing Juice
Plastic buckling strength of T-section transition ringbeams in steel silos and tanks Internal Passing Juice
Presence of β-amylase in ramie leaf and its anti-staling effect on rice cake Internal Passing Juice
Influence of Test Geometry, Temperature, Stress Level, and Loading Duration on Binder Properties Measured Using DSR Internal Passing Juice
Differential measurement technique for evaluating microstrip line attenuation Internal Passing Juice
Microstrip loss calculations Internal Passing Juice
Influence of Engine Age on Morphology and Chemistry of Diesel Soot Extracted from Crankcase Oil Internal Passing Juice
On the Critical Temperature, Normal Boiling Point, and Vapor Pressure of Ionic Liquids Internal Passing Juice
The Effects of Competitive Environment on Supply Chain Information Sharing and Performance: An Empirical Study in China Internal Passing Juice
Citrus fruit Internal Passing Juice
Take-off and Landing Internal Passing Juice
The undercarriage layout Internal Passing Juice
Effective Electron Blocking of CuPC‐Doped Spiro‐OMeTAD for Highly Efficient Inorganic–Organic Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells Internal Passing Juice
The Landing Gear System Case Study Internal Passing Juice
Fruit Development and Ripening Internal Passing Juice
Large aircraft landing gears – a brief overview Internal Passing Juice
An Experimental Investigation of Aspect Ratio and Incidence Angle Effects for the Flow Around Surface-Mounted Finite-Height Square Prisms Internal Passing Juice
Taguchi's Method Analysis of an FMS Under Review-Period-Based Operational Controls: Identification of Control Periodicity Internal Passing Juice
A review of: “Modelling and Design of Flexible Manufacturing System: Volume 3 in the series Manufacturing Research and Technology”. Edited by ANDREW KUSIAK. (Elsevier, 1986.) [Pp. x + 432]1 Price US $81.50/Dfl 220.00. Internal Passing Juice
Connection behaviour and models - Non-Linear Static and Cyclic Analysis of Steel Frames with Semi-Rigid Connections - Chapter 5 Internal Passing Juice
Application of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) in Drying Technology: A Comprehensive Review Internal Passing Juice
Development of Cerium-Rich Layers on Anodic Films Formed on Pure Aluminium and AA7075 T6 Alloy Internal Passing Juice
Web-scale named entity recognition Internal Passing Juice
Charge Transfer Processes during Anodic Polarization of Aluminum Internal Passing Juice
Anodic Film Formation on AA 2099-T8 Aluminum Alloy in Tartaric–Sulfuric Acid Internal Passing Juice
Discoloration of Anodized AA6063 Aluminum Alloy Internal Passing Juice
Behavior of Second-Phase Particles in Al5052 Alloy during Anodizing in a Sulfuric Acid Solution CSLM Observation Internal Passing Juice
Growth of subalgebras and subideals in free Lie algebras Internal Passing Juice
Influence of Local Heat Development on Film Thickness for Anodizing Aluminum in Sulfuric Acid Internal Passing Juice
Role of Tartaric Acid on the Anodizing and Corrosion Behavior of AA 2024 T3 Aluminum Alloy Internal Passing Juice
Behavior of Impurity and Minor Alloying Elements during Surface Treatments of Aluminum Internal Passing Juice
The Surface Treatment and Finishing of Aluminium and Its Alloys Internal Passing Juice
None Internal Passing Juice
Surface engineering of aluminium and its alloys Internal Passing Juice
None Internal Passing Juice
Bailouts and Financial Fragility Internal Passing Juice
Low-temperature fabrication of L10 ordered FePt alloy by alternate monatomic layer deposition Internal Passing Juice
Sustainable consumption: consumption, consumers and the commodity discourse Internal Passing Juice
An Extended EWMA Mean Chart Internal Passing Juice
A New EWMA Control Chart for Monitoring Both Location and Dispersion Internal Passing Juice
Term Dynamics - Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences - Global Carbon Cycle 1: Short Internal Passing Juice
Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences Internal Passing Juice
Water and Mining Conflicts in Peru Internal Passing Juice
Impacts of gold mining and land use alterations on the water quality of central Mongolian rivers Internal Passing Juice
Pressure Transient Analysis for Wells With Horizontal Drainholes Internal Passing Juice
Simple frigate shape plasma flow control Internal Passing Juice
Mediation/Arbitration: Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Internal Passing Juice
Plasma Assisted Turbulent Flow Separation control over a Backward Facing Step(AIAA) Internal Passing Juice
Mediation for Improved Conflict Resolution Internal Passing Juice
Flex-Patch: a highly flexible piezoceramic composite with attached electrical leads Internal Passing Juice
Simultaneous thrust vector control and vibration isolation of satellites using steerable smart platforms Internal Passing Juice
Highly Stable and Selective Non-Enzymatic Glucose Biosensor Using Carbon Nanotubes Decorated by Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Internal Passing Juice
Piezoelectric assisted smart satellite structure (PEASSS): an innovative low cost nano-satellite Internal Passing Juice
Five Steps to Resolving Construction Disputes—Without Litigation Internal Passing Juice
COMMENTARY: Mediation is Not Arbitration Internal Passing Juice
Mediating and Moderating Effect of Tension on Withdrawal-Commitment Relationship in Construction Dispute Negotiation Internal Passing Juice
Mediation of Construction Disputes Internal Passing Juice
Efficacy of Trust-Building Tactics in Construction Mediation Internal Passing Juice
The Role of the State in Public Health Policy - Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences Internal Passing Juice
Circularly Polarized Meshed Patch Antenna Internal Passing Juice
Credibility Assignment in Knowledge Grid Environment Internal Passing Juice
Entropy and the fundamental group Internal Passing Juice
Question Answering Summarization of Multiple Biomedical Documents Internal Passing Juice
Unsaturated Particulate Materials—Particle-Level Studies Internal Passing Juice
Optimisation studies on tri‐generation: a review Internal Passing Juice
Evolution of a bifurcation in a meandering river with adjustable channel widths, Rhine delta apex, The Netherlands Internal Passing Juice
Accuracy of Cross-Channel Sampled Sediment Transport in Large Sand-Gravel-Bed Rivers Internal Passing Juice
Exploring Factors that Influence Social Retail Investors’ Decisions: Evidence from Desjardins Fund Internal Passing Juice
Splitting rivers at their seams: bifurcations and avulsion Internal Passing Juice
Entanglement, Flow and Classical Simulatability in Measurement Based Quantum Computation Internal Passing Juice
Interrupted interface on the cybernetics of digital design process Internal Passing Juice
BioDesign #3: The Pangolin's Guide to Bio-Digital Movement in Architecture by Dennis Dollens. Architecture & Biomimetics Series #3. (1) iPhone app, 2010. Available via the iTunes Store, $0.99. (2) Comic book. Site Books, Santa Fe, NM, U.S.A. ISBN: 978-0-930829-12-4 Internal Passing Juice
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اینجا Internal Passing Juice
خرید اعتبار ويـژه Internal Passing Juice
خرید اعتبار Internal Passing Juice
Earnings management, corporate governance and expense stickiness Internal Passing Juice
Corporate governance and strategic human resource management: Four archetypes and proposals for a new approach to corporate sustainability Internal Passing Juice
Enhancing emotional performance and customer service through human resources practices: A systems perspective Internal Passing Juice
Configuration and coordination of international marketing activities Internal Passing Juice
The effect of accounting academics in the boardroom on the value relevance of financial reporting information Internal Passing Juice
The role of accounting in Behavioral Finance Internal Passing Juice
Marketing strategies, perceived risks, and consumer trust in online buying behaviour Internal Passing Juice
The relationship between emotional intelligence, frontline employee adaptability, job satisfaction and job performance Internal Passing Juice
Modelling and Investigating the relationship of after sales service quality with customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty – A case study of home appliances business Internal Passing Juice
Tourism strategy development and facilitation of integrative processes among brand equity, marketing and motivation Internal Passing Juice

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فری 14
پیپر 13
اعتبار 12
analysis 12


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