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About JimmyR.com Internal Passing Juice
Video Tutorials Internal Passing Juice
Funny Pics Internal Passing Juice
Roleplay External Passing Juice
Ear Training External Passing Juice
Online Education Internal Passing Juice
Learn to Play Songs by Ear: Ear Training External Passing Juice
Hot External noFollow
Top Internal noFollow
My friends mom was lost in NYC today... she asked someone for directions and it turned out to the Adam Sandler! External noFollow
Suicide bomber hits stadium in Iraqi city, killing 29 External noFollow
Tom Green Paying Fine for Man Arrested for Not Returning 2002 VHS of 'Freddy Got Fingered' External noFollow
Video Games External noFollow
Tiger enjoying the ride External noFollow
More than 800 Boko Haram hostages rescued by Nigerian army External noFollow
TIL that the woman who invented chocolate chip cookies sold the idea to Nestl in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate External noFollow
Bad luck Simon External noFollow
In the event of an apocalypse I would spend the first 20 minutes wondering why the internet doesn't work External noFollow
Filming a rap video External noFollow
Medical experts call for global drug decriminalisation Society External noFollow
Had some energy and spare pinewood, so I built my dog a nice bed External noFollow
The Alignment of those G's External noFollow
Jesus and his disciples walk into a restaurant. External noFollow
Tifu by indulging in my girlfriends fetish External noFollow
27 External noFollow
Sunset over Lake Michigan [OC][2800x2100] External noFollow
Storage External noFollow
NASA has released a stunning new map of Mars that shows the planet?s terrain in a way not visible to the naked eye?using gravity to reveal new details about everything from the core to the atmosphere. External noFollow
What is the biggest unanswered question from your favorite movie? External noFollow
PsBattle: Police carries a protester External noFollow
If water has a boiling point of 100 degrees C, why does it evaporate at room temperature? External noFollow
?All That? Reunion Happening on Nickelodeon This Spring External noFollow
Report: The EmDrive Finally Will Undergo Peer Review ?The unbelievable drive that's nominally connected to NASA is reportedly about to be analyzed by others in the industry. External noFollow
Michael Jackson in disguise so he could go on a date with Tatum O?Neal in the 1970s External noFollow
Reddit External noFollow
Professional photographers and artists: We now offer 'Verified' flair and guidelines for linking to your own site External noFollow
If you do this, go fuck yourself you stupid asshole External noFollow
Carved from a billiard ball External noFollow
Excellent family cosplay External noFollow
Rare 'Ili Pika rabbit has been photographed for the first time in 20 years. External noFollow
Windy day in Ireland. External noFollow
An American Veteran committed suicide recently by setting himself on fire in front of his local Veterans Affairs building in New Jersey. External noFollow
Tree of Life External noFollow
This brewing company pays tribute to fallen soldiers by dedicating a beer to them External noFollow
A collection of early tablet, phone, and computer concept designs from Apple External noFollow
The life of a rural doctor in 1948 External noFollow
The best landscape picture I ever took from my phone. This is in the heart Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. External noFollow
Just had one of the best experiences of my life. I visited an amazing little boy in the hospital who loves Spider-man, and unfortunately was told he only had days left to live. Never has a little smile impacted me so much! External noFollow
Great White External noFollow
My mom made something for my birthday External noFollow
Bernie Sanders looking at a bird who flew up onto his podium during his speech in Portland. External noFollow
Bath Time! External noFollow
Iceland External noFollow
Surface Tension External noFollow
Made in Mexico External noFollow
My sister Alana was born without the use of her hands. She paints using her mouth and feet. I wanted to share some of her artwork. External noFollow
Merlin's Well in Cornwall External noFollow
straya' External noFollow
Someone posted these flyers by work External noFollow
I take pictures of the friendly fox squirrels on my university's campus. This one is my favorite. External noFollow
Reddit External noFollow
New Headline Requirements for Submissions to /r/science External noFollow
Science AMA Series: I'm Dr. Yogi Goswami, a solar energy scientist and inventor, currently developing the world?s first molecular air purifier, AMA! External noFollow
Scientists cross-breed to improve head shape in toy dogs predisposed to a painful disorder External noFollow
New study shows that regular pot smokers are at a higher risk of a midlife social and financial crisis External noFollow
A team of biologists determined that honey bees communicate danger via short vibration pulses, usually by headbutting their peers. Different vibrations correspond with varying threats. This is the first demonstration of such sophisticated inhibitory signaling or alarm signaling in an insect. External noFollow
Researchers have overcome a key obstacle to quantum computing by experimentally realizing the quantum Fredkin gate for the first time External noFollow
A species of cavefish has been documented walking and climbing waterfalls in a manner similar to four footed creatures, in a find researchers call ?huge? in evolutionary terms. It has anatomical features previously known only in tetrapods, four-limbed vertebrates that include amphibians and reptiles External noFollow
Making their own clouds scientists have discovered a new way that fat water droplets take shape. Carbon-containing molecules envelop the exterior of developing droplets and reduce surface tension, allowing more water to condense onto the drop. This results in droplets that are about 50 percent wider External noFollow
Patients in a study using medical marijuana to control chronic pain reported a 64% reduction in their use of more traditional prescription opiod pain medications, fewer side effects from their medications, and a 45% improvement in quality of life. External noFollow
Asylum judges, loan officers, and baseball umpires act consistent with the gambler's fallacy. They are -more likely to deny (grant) asylum/loans/calls after granting (denying) asylum/loans/calls in the previous instance. External noFollow
The appearance of photosynthesis, trilobites, and the five major mass extinctions were all extreme changes in our planet's pattern of biological production and consumption. But, even measured against these events, human-driven changes to production and consumption are distinctly new. External noFollow
Evaporated whiskey inspires coating technology External noFollow
Blurred lines: Human sex chromosome swapping occurs more often than previously thought External noFollow
Saturn?s inner moons may have formed only recently, from a giant ring External noFollow
Old tourist photos reveal long-term seabird population trends External noFollow
Anxiety disorders are the most prevalent of all brain disorders, yet there?s been little progress in drug treatments in more than 50 years. Now, researchers suggest that studies in flies might help to elucidate fundamental mechanisms underlying anxiety and point the way to new treatments. External noFollow
New study shows a vegan diet for the world would reduce pollution by two thirds and avoid 8 million deaths External noFollow
Prairie dogs increase their fitness by killing off ground squirrel competition. First time behaviour has been seen in a herbivorous mammal. External noFollow
Engineers develop material that can sense fuel leaks and fuel-based explosives External noFollow
The emotional impact experienced by music listeners depends on a concert hall's acoustics. The results of a study revealed that an identical performance of classical orchestra music evoked stronger emotional impact when presented in the acoustics of shoebox-type concert halls. External noFollow
CRISPR used to successfully genetically repair stem cells from patient with blinding eye disease External noFollow
New vaccine strategy involves immunizing people with different engineered HIV proteins as immunogens to teach the immune system to produce broadly neutralizing antibodies against HIV. It depends on the ability of the first immunogen to bind and activate neutralizing antibody precursor B cells External noFollow
Synthetic biologists have created a living, self-sufficient cell with the just 473 genes. Far and away the smallest genome for self sufficient life, a full 32% of its genetic code is still a mystery. External noFollow
A woman is more likely to miscarry if she and her partner drink more than two caffeinated beverages a day during the weeks leading up to conception, according to a new study External noFollow
A simple mathematical formula explains why our teeth look the way they do and suggest that our wisdom teeth will eventually disappear. External noFollow
Trends External noFollow
Kansas Basketball - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Amy Adams - (Medium new) External Passing Juice
Oregon Basketball - (Medium new) External Passing Juice
Cruz - (Medium new) External Passing Juice
Reese Witherspoon - (Medium new) External Passing Juice
Mexico vs Canada - (Medium new) External Passing Juice
Garry Shandling - (Volcanic new) External Passing Juice
Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice - (On Fire new) External Passing Juice
Ted Cruz - (On Fire new) External Passing Juice
Sia - (On Fire new) External Passing Juice
Duke basketball - (On Fire new) External Passing Juice
Johan Cruyff - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
RG3 - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Texas A&m Aggies Vs Oklahoma Sooners - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Villanova - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
The Catch - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Tay Tweets - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Victoria Secret - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Maryland basketball - (Spicy new) External Passing Juice
Want Internal noFollow
Gmail?s encryption warning spurs 25 percent increase in encrypted inbound emails External noFollow
Wikimedia and Facebook have given Angolans free access to their websites, but not to the rest of the internet. So...Angolans have started hiding pirated movies and music in Wikipedia articles and linking to them on closed Facebook groups, creating a totally free and clandestine file sharing network External noFollow
Deep Learning Machine Teaches Itself Chess in 72 Hours, Plays at International Master Level External noFollow
These unlucky people have names that break computers External noFollow
Netflix has been reducing the image quality on AT&T and Verizon wireless networks for years. Netflix doesn?t throttle speeds on T-Mobile and Sprint networks, telling the WSJ that those companies traditionally have had more customer-friendly policies. External noFollow
Intel could dump Nvidia for a licensing deal with AMD as the chip giant tries to prop up its patent portfolio. External noFollow
Heavy social media users 'trapped in endless cycle of depression' External noFollow
After Verizon Enterprise breach, 1.5 million customer records put up for sale External noFollow
Rage-quit: Coder unpublished 17 lines of JavaScript and ?broke the Internet? External noFollow
France Still Thinks It Regulates Entire Internet, Fines Google For Not Making Right To Be Forgotten Global External noFollow
It?s Official: NSA Data Will be Used for Domestic Policing that Has Nothing to Do With Terrorism External noFollow
Minimalist genome?only 473 genes?synthesized and used to boot up a cell: This is very close to the basic requirements of life as we know it. External noFollow
Apple Says Founding Fathers Would Be ?Appalled? by Government Rewriting History External noFollow
Senator Wyden Warns That The Justice Department Is Lying To The Courts; Also Still Worried About Secret Law External noFollow
Apple and Google among firms calling for changes to snooper's charter External noFollow
Stealthy malware targeting air-gapped PCs leaves no trace of infection: Researchers discover "self-protecting" trojan circulating in the wild. External noFollow
Huntingburg Council: Solar panels on homes could face $50 monthly tariff External noFollow
Orwell-inspired government initiative, called "Truthy", aims to "assist in the preservation of open debate" by monitoring social media for "subversive propaganda" and combating what it considers to be "the diffusion of false and misleading ideas" External noFollow
Baidu built an A.I. that predicts dangerous crowds and stampedes External noFollow
Google: First Amendment Doesn't Protect MPAA?s Secrets External noFollow
Netflix Throttles Its Videos on AT&T, Verizon Networks External noFollow
Google is buillding an Amazon Echo rival External noFollow
The Rise Of On-Demand Viewing Divides Hollywood: "Hollywood's traditional media players are facing an unprecedented challenge to their business model as 'cord-cutters' opt to cancel their expensive cable subscriptions in favor of on-demand streaming services." External noFollow
Netflix?s stunning admission: It throttles video speeds for some customers - "it deliberately slows down its streams for customers watching on the cellular networks of AT&T and Verizon." External noFollow
PriceZombie killed by Amazon External noFollow
- External noFollow
Compiler Bugs Found When Porting Chromium to VC++ 2015 External noFollow
Jenkins 2.0 Beta External noFollow
These unlucky people have names that break computers External noFollow
No, we haven't forgotten how to code - JavaScript just needs to become a better language External noFollow
Google Deepmind AI tries its hand at creating Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering cards External noFollow
Write You a Haskell: Building a modern functional compiler from first principles. External noFollow
Facebook iOS Internal Headers: All the headers for all 18,000+ classes and protocols on GitHub External noFollow
Coding certificates are a waste of money [Washington Post] External noFollow
Whilelse ? an experimental programming platform that represents code as a web External noFollow
What makes Phoenix Presence special, and a sneak peek External noFollow
A New Challenger Approaches - HSCTF 3, a fun High School Hacking/Programming Competition is Coming Up External noFollow
?Apple's Swift comes to Linux External noFollow
Rust Mutation Testing External noFollow
Peachpie vs.PHP - microbenchmarking a Pi calculation External noFollow
How is LLVM tested? External noFollow
Side Project: Jodel Stats ? View posts from all over the world on (YikYak like) Jodel External noFollow
Left pad as a service External noFollow
Why Concepts didn?t make C++17 External noFollow
SubsetPHP Development Diary (type-inferred subset of PHP with LLVM back-end) External noFollow
Of more than academic interest - article on firms paid to clean up academic code External noFollow
Javascript catches and pitfalls ? part1 (equality and comparisons) External noFollow
Legacy Code for Developers: Managing your Manager External noFollow
Why and when you should use SoA External noFollow
A Deep Dive into Ruby Scopes External noFollow
Introducing code search for Bitbucket Server External noFollow
- External noFollow
Dumpster Diving in NYC External noFollow
"Bet you can't play Thunderstruck on that banjo" "Hold my beer..." External noFollow
I made a Batman Grappling hook that actually works! External noFollow
holoportation: virtual 3D teleportation in real-time (Microsoft Research) External noFollow
I'm a powerline technician, this is 27.6 kv arcing phase to phase after a recent ice storm. External noFollow
Starfish tries to steal fish's cave (x-post from /r/deepintoyoutube) External noFollow
Man creates an artificial "Floating Island" from plastic bottles and trash. External noFollow
Seth MacFarlane sings Cyndi Lauper songs as Family Guy characters... while sitting next to Cyndi Lauper External noFollow
UK weather report gets punny. Once again. External noFollow
Terrifying video shows how 8% of all drivers on the highway are distracted at any given moment. External noFollow
My friend recently passed away. Most people will never know how amazing he was playing the guitar. External noFollow
Three kids looked around to make sure nobody was watching, then they walked onto my driveway with sidewalk chalk... External noFollow
Sad Ben Affleck External noFollow
Pharcyde music video directed by Spike Jonze. Sung and shot in reverse External noFollow
A father surprised with his dream car External noFollow
How a real chef burns everything properly (Francis Millman on Mind of a Chef) External noFollow
?Congo Dandies?? devote their lives to high fashion while living in deep poverty External noFollow
Hipster shares his pretentious thoughts on cooking while burning everything. External noFollow
Introduced this curious little dude to the dark side External noFollow
Never trust a Virtual Reality strip tease [NSFW] External noFollow
Rust brings out the best in people sometimes External noFollow
Predator: The Musical (Arnold Schwarzenegger) External noFollow
Wait for it... External noFollow
Some guys build a huge Trojan Horse and take it to various locations to see if they can get it past security. External noFollow
Onion External noFollow
Popular Designer Dog Breed Just Twisted Spinal Cord Attached To Collapsed Lung External Passing Juice
Bookshop Bans ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Donations External Passing Juice
Mattel Releases New Male Barbie To Inspire Girls To Imagine Holding Highest Leadership Positions External Passing Juice
Alarming U.N. Report Finds World Lost 40 Million Acres Of Personal Space Last Year External Passing Juice
Report: Most Parents Willing To Entrust Children To Anyone In Character Costume External Passing Juice
Schools Are Not Failing Our Children: How We Took A Commonly Held Opinion And Then Declared The Opposite External Passing Juice
Scientists Slowly Reintroducing Small Group Of Normal, Well-Adjusted Humans Into Society External Passing Juice
Working From Home Vs. Working In An Office External Passing Juice
U.S.S. Conestoga Found 95 Years After Disappearance External Passing Juice
Prairie Dogs Found Killing Squirrels External Passing Juice
Mysterious Necrotic Skin Disease Continues To Eat Away At Baby’s Face Weeks After Being Kissed By Ted Cruz External Passing Juice
Decades Of Breathing Really Starting To Catch Up With Chinese Man External Passing Juice
Sudafed Introduces New Sinus Drill For Immediate Congestion Relief External Passing Juice
Nation Comes To Halt To Watch Crane Move Massive Concrete Tube External Passing Juice
‘Batman V. Superman’ Promotion Urges Filmgoers To Just Get This Over With External Passing Juice
Armani To Stop Using Fur In Their Clothing External Passing Juice
The Onion Reviews ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ External Passing Juice
Meditation Effective Treatment For Back Pain External Passing Juice
Defensive Clinton Campaign Releases New ‘Who Are You To Judge Me?’ Ad External Passing Juice
Video Game Boss Thinking He Should Get Big Glowing Weak Spot On Back Checked Out External Passing Juice
- External noFollow
The C-Word, But For Men External Passing Juice
This True Crime Documentary Will Make Me Famous External Passing Juice
Birth Control Methods Keep Getting Weirder External Passing Juice
Financial Tips for BROKE People External Passing Juice
Irish Guys Having Their Balls Waxed is Pure St. Paddy's Day Cringe External Passing Juice
Every NCAA Bracket Strategy External Passing Juice
How to Make Pizzaroni Roly-Poly Pullaparts! FULL RECIPE External Passing Juice
Watch Larry David's Latest Return To SNL As Bernie Sanders External Passing Juice
Watch Ariana Grande Break Out Some Spot-On Impressions On SNL External Passing Juice
What's Inside Hillary Clinton's Pockets External Passing Juice
Perfect Partners... Until DEATH (Fatal Decision) External Passing Juice
Where the Weirdest Internet Links Come From External Passing Juice
Angela Merkel Rap! (HAMILTON Parody) External Passing Juice
SNL Gave Donald Trump Voters Their Own Campaign Ad External Passing Juice
Donald Trump: Show Us Your Penis External Passing Juice
Bailmitting: Making Plans Knowing You're Gonna Bail External Passing Juice
This Girl Rips the Most Insanely Loud Fart in History External Passing Juice
Superman Hates Ben Affleck as Batman External Passing Juice
The Secret Behind Every Actress's Red Carpet Pose (with Rita Wilson, Kris Jenner & Khloe Kardashian) External Passing Juice
Yellderly: Young People Who Complain Like They're Old External Passing Juice
OCRemix External noFollow
Sonic Colors 'Wisp Inc.' External Passing Juice
Mega Man 8 'Aerobotics' External Passing Juice
Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War 'Guinevere' External Passing Juice
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess 'Life of a Bowling Pin' External Passing Juice
Pokémon Red Version 'Crescendo to Chaos' External Passing Juice
Jazz Jackrabbit 'Comeback of the Green Rabbit' External Passing Juice
Kirby Air Ride 'Frozen Fantasie' External Passing Juice
Final Fantasy VI 'Monument of Non-Existence' External Passing Juice
Vectorman 'Become Death' External Passing Juice
Donkey Kong 64 'Mad Jack's Drop' External Passing Juice
Default Internal Passing Juice
White-Black Internal Passing Juice
Contrast Internal Passing Juice
B-Blue Internal Passing Juice
B-Red Internal Passing Juice
B-Green Internal Passing Juice
/b/ Internal Passing Juice
Jimmy Ruska Internal Passing Juice
Youtube External Passing Juice
Twitter External Passing Juice
Facebook External Passing Juice
MySpace External Passing Juice
Amazon Best Selling External Passing Juice
Google Zeitgeist External Passing Juice
Technorati Popular Today External Passing Juice
Yahoo Top Searches External Passing Juice
Ask.com Searches External Passing Juice
Flickr Tags External Passing Juice
Last.fm Charts External Passing Juice
iTunes top songs by Country External Passing Juice
Twitter Tag cloud External Passing Juice
Del.icio.us tag cloud External Passing Juice
Popular ebay searches External Passing Juice
MSN popular today External Passing Juice
MIT Free Courses External Passing Juice
Stanford Engineering Everywhere External Passing Juice
Carnegie Mellon External Passing Juice
Youtube Education External Passing Juice
Open Yale Courses External Passing Juice
Berkeley Webcasts External Passing Juice
Academic Earth External Passing Juice
MIT Courses With Video Lecture External Passing Juice
Google Tech Talks External Passing Juice
Universities offering free courses External Passing Juice
Web Lecture Archive External Passing Juice
Utah University External Passing Juice
Open Learn External Passing Juice
Johns Hopkins External Passing Juice
Connexions External Passing Juice
Washington CS External Passing Juice
Notre Dame External Passing Juice
All Learn: Oxford, Standford, Yale External Passing Juice
Sofia External Passing Juice
Lecture Fox External Passing Juice
Technology Enhanced Learning External Passing Juice
Free Audiobooks External Passing Juice
Free Audiobooks 2 External Passing Juice
Programming Ebooks External Passing Juice
Programming Ebooks 2 External Passing Juice
More Internal Passing Juice
Daily Show External Passing Juice
Colbert Report External Passing Juice
Robot Chicken External Passing Juice
Pandora External Passing Juice
Newgrounds External Passing Juice
ytmnd External Passing Juice
HomeStarRunner External Passing Juice
Photoshop Tutorials External Passing Juice
Streaming Free Anime External Passing Juice
Hulu: US Only External Passing Juice
NBC Network Full Episodes External Passing Juice
ABC Full Episodes External Passing Juice
CBS Full Episodes External Passing Juice
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Sidereel External Passing Juice
SurftheChannel External Passing Juice
Alluc External Passing Juice
Kontraband sets External Passing Juice
lolcats External Passing Juice
failblog External Passing Juice
Disgusting image dump External Passing Juice
Flash Games External Passing Juice
Addicting Games External Passing Juice
Newgrounds Top Rated Games External Passing Juice
Kongregate Top Rated Games External Passing Juice
List of MMORPGs External Passing Juice
Old Free DOS Games 1 External Passing Juice
Old Free DOS Games 2 External Passing Juice
Old Free Console Games External Passing Juice
PBS Documentaries External Passing Juice
Interviews with successful tech people External Passing Juice
NOVA External Passing Juice
Google Video Documentaries External Passing Juice
Fora External Passing Juice
Ted Talks External Passing Juice
MITWorld External Passing Juice

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