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Title L2: Benchmarking Digital Performance | L2: Benchmarking Digital Performance

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Description L2 is a benchmarking and education firm, helping member brands shape their digital roadmap and achieve greater ROI on human, creative and financial capital.

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  • [H2] L2 is a member-based business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital performance of brands.
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  • [H2] L2 is a member-based business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital performance of brands.
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  • [H3] {{title}}
  • [H3] {{{ title }}}\n {{{ caption }}}\n \n \n .content-img{{ post_id }} {\n background: url(\"{{ src }}\") no-repeat center center;\n }\n \n \n \n \n {{\/lt}}{{\/each}}\n \n View all graphs from this report\n \n\n var selected_graphs=[{\"post_id\":\"147878\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/awards-season-digital-lessons-organic-growth-drivers-of-youtube-for-recycled-ads-1024x301.png\",\"title\":\"Awards Season: Organic Growth Drivers of YouTube Views for Recycled Ads\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"Impact of Given Variable (Normalized Standard Coefficients), February 28, 2016, n=9 Television Ad Spots\"},{\"post_id\":\"147876\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/awards-season-digital-lessons-brand-search-volume-by-tv-ad-airing-1024x822.png\",\"title\":\"Awards Season: Brand Search Volume by TV Ad Airing\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"February 28, 2016, n=22 Brands\"},{\"post_id\":\"147877\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/awards-season-digital-lessons-number-of-spots-aired-by-brands-during-the-oscars-1024x368.png\",\"title\":\"Awards Season: Number of Spots Aired by Brands During the Oscars\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"February 28, 2016, n=23 Brands\"}];\n posts_per_page=get_component_itemcount('4,4,2');\n selected_graphs=get_paged_items(selected_graphs,posts_per_page,1);\n selected_graphs=format_items_for_handlebars(selected_graphs);\n\n (function( $ ){\n var template_html=$('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_147601_template').html();\n var template = Handlebars.compile(template_html ); \/\/initially compile template\n $('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_147601_container').append( template( selected_graphs )) ;\n })(jQuery);\n\n\n","top_links":[{"a_tag":"Non-Member Excerpt"}],"sub_type":{"term_id":11076,"name":"Insight Report","slug":"insight-report","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":8131,"taxonomy":"research-types","description":"","parent":0,"count":103,"filter":"raw","object_id":147601},"video":null,"img":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/03\/2016-award-season-digital-recap-main.jpg","link":"","link_text":"Non-Member Excerpt","title_link":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/research\/awards-season-digital-lessons"},{"post_id":147224,"title":"OTC Health Care","excerpt":"March 08, 2016 – Despite a growing market for OTC Health Care brands, the channels through which consumers typically purchase these products have remained relatively static. Digital platforms provide an opportunity for brands to provide highly sought educational content, guide the shopper with diagnostic and comparison tools, and encourage ...","post_type":"research","graphs":"\n\n\n\n\n \n {{#each items}}{{#lt @index ..\/total_items}}\n \n \n {{{ title }}}\n {{{ caption }}}\n \n \n .content-img{{ post_id }} {\n background: url(\"{{ src }}\") no-repeat center center;\n }\n \n \n \n \n {{\/lt}}{{\/each}}\n \n View all graphs from this report\n \n\n var selected_graphs=[{\"post_id\":\"147717\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/otc-health-care-2016-implementation-of-etailer-handoff-from-brand-sites-1024x463.png\",\"title\":\"OTC Health Care: Implementation of E-Tailer Handoff from Brand Sites\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"February 2016, n=56 Brands\"},{\"post_id\":\"147718\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/otc-health-care-2016-purchase-path-frombrand-site-vs-visitor-behavior-1024x664.png\",\"title\":\"OTC Health Care: Purchase Path vs. Visitor Behavior from Brand Site\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"January 2016, n=56 Brands\"},{\"post_id\":\"147719\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/03\\\/otc-health-care-2016-share-of-total-posts-and-total-interactions-1024x489.png\",\"title\":\"OTC Health Care: Share of Total Posts vs. Total Interactions\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"December 2015\\u2013February 2016, n=82 URLs (44 Facebook, 29 Twitter, 9 Instagram)\"}];\n posts_per_page=get_component_itemcount('4,4,2');\n selected_graphs=get_paged_items(selected_graphs,posts_per_page,1);\n selected_graphs=format_items_for_handlebars(selected_graphs);\n\n (function( $ ){\n var template_html=$('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_147224_template').html();\n var template = Handlebars.compile(template_html ); \/\/initially compile template\n $('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_147224_container').append( template( selected_graphs )) ;\n })(jQuery);\n\n\n","top_links":[{"a_tag":"Non-Member Excerpt"},{"url":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/research\/otc-health-care","text":"Learn More"}],"sub_type":{"term_id":5713,"name":"Digital IQ Index\u00ae","slug":"digital-iq-2","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":5768,"taxonomy":"research-types","description":"","parent":0,"count":133,"filter":"raw","object_id":147224},"video":"","img":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/03\/OTC-Health-Care-Main-2016.jpg","link":"","link_text":"Non-Member Excerpt","title_link":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/research\/otc-health-care","link2":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/research\/otc-health-care","link2_text":"Learn More"},{"post_id":146853,"title":"Luxury: New York Fashion Week 2016","excerpt":"February 26, 2016 – In the past, Fashion brands showing at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) expected the media coverage generated from their runway shows to carry through to their collection releases six months later. However, the rise and domination of social media, coupled with consumer demand for instant ...","post_type":"research","graphs":"\n\n\n\n\n \n {{#each items}}{{#lt @index ..\/total_items}}\n \n \n {{{ title }}}\n {{{ caption }}}\n \n \n .content-img{{ post_id }} {\n background: url(\"{{ src }}\") no-repeat center center;\n }\n \n \n \n \n {{\/lt}}{{\/each}}\n \n View all graphs from this report\n \n\n var selected_graphs=[{\"post_id\":\"146908\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/02\\\/total-post-engagement-during-runway-shows-1024x479.png\",\"title\":\"Total Post Engagement During A\\\/W Runway Shows\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"February 1\\u201318, n=537 Brand Accounts\"},{\"post_id\":\"146909\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/02\\\/search-interest-in-nyfw-over-time--1024x430.png\",\"title\":\"Search Interest in \\u201cNYFW\\u201d Over Time\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"Indexed to Peak Value, 2012\\u20132016\"},{\"post_id\":\"146910\",\"src\":\"https:\\\/\\\/www.l2inc.com\\\/wp-content\\\/uploads\\\/2016\\\/02\\\/engagement-on-instagram-vs-twitter-1024x725.png\",\"title\":\"Engagement on Instagram vs. Twitter\",\"alt\":false,\"caption\":\"Tommy Hilfiger, February 1\\u201318, 2016, n=2 Brand Accounts\"}];\n posts_per_page=get_component_itemcount('4,4,2');\n selected_graphs=get_paged_items(selected_graphs,posts_per_page,1);\n selected_graphs=format_items_for_handlebars(selected_graphs);\n\n (function( $ ){\n var template_html=$('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_146853_template').html();\n var template = Handlebars.compile(template_html ); \/\/initially compile template\n $('#aside_selected_graphs_and_case_studies_146853_container').append( template( selected_graphs )) ;\n })(jQuery);\n\n\n","top_links":[{"a_tag":"Non-Member Excerpt"}],"sub_type":{"term_id":11076,"name":"Insight Report","slug":"insight-report","term_group":0,"term_taxonomy_id":8131,"taxonomy":"research-types","description":"","parent":0,"count":103,"filter":"raw","object_id":146853},"video":null,"img":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/01\/Fashion-2015-main.jpg","link":"","link_text":"Non-Member Excerpt","title_link":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/research\/fashion-2015\/luxury-new-york-fashion-week-2016"},{"post_id":147524,"title":"Amazon Flexes","excerpt":"March 04, 2016 – Losers: FedEx and UPS. Their costs are increasing faster than the U.S. inflation rate, motivating Amazon to take shipping into its own hands with Flex, an Uber-style delivery service.","post_type":"presentation","graphs":"","top_links":[],"sub_type":"presentation","img":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2016\/03\/amazon-flexes-2016-hero.jpg","video":"","link":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/video\/amazon-flexes","link_text":"Watch","title_link":"https:\/\/www.l2inc.com\/video\/amazon-flexes"}]; for ( i = 0; i < hp_items.length; i++ ) { $('#carousel').append( template( hp_items[i] ) ); } $('#carousel').slick({ infinite: true, dots: false, arrows: false, draggable: false, adaptiveHeight: true, autoplay: false, lazyLoad: 'onDemand', waitForAnimate: true, }); var hp_item_index = $('#carousel').slick('slickCurrentSlide'); $('#carousel').on('beforeChange', function(event, slick, currentSlide, nextSlide) { hp_item_index = nextSlide; updateGraphs(hp_item_index); if (window.isMobile && $('iframe').length == 0 ) { appendVideo(); } }); $('#carousel').on('afterChange', function(event, slick, currentSlide, nextSlide) { hp_item_index = currentSlide; updateCarousel(hp_item_index); }); var updateCarousel = function(hp_item_index) { if ( hp_items[hp_item_index]['top_links'] ) { var top_links_template_html = $('#hp_main_left_items_container_template').html(); var top_links_template = Handlebars.compile(top_links_template_html ); $('#left-items-container').html( top_links_template( hp_items[hp_item_index] ) ) ; } set_favorite_toggle_class($('.favorite_toggle')); updateIndicator(hp_item_index); } var updateGraphs = function(hp_item_index) { var currentID = hp_items[hp_item_index]['post_id'], currentHTML = hp_items[hp_item_index]['graphs']; $('#' + currentID + '-graphs-container' ).html(hp_items[hp_item_index]['graphs']); } var updateIndicator = function(hp_item_index) { $('.circle-empty-l2').addClass('circle-l2') .removeClass('circle-empty-l2'); $('#indicator-' + hp_item_index).addClass('circle-empty-l2') .removeClass('circle-l2'); window.setTimeout(function() { $('.indicators').fadeOut(300); }, 500); } $('#main').on('click', 'i.next_hp_item', function() { $('.indicators').fadeIn(100, function() { $('#carousel').slick('slickNext'); }); }); $('#main').on('click', 'i.prev_hp_item', function() { $('.indicators').fadeIn(100, function() { $('#carousel').slick('slickPrev'); }); }); $('#main').on('click', 'i.circle-l2', function(e) { hp_item_index = e.target.id.replace('indicator-', ''); $('#carousel').slick('slickGoTo', hp_item_index); }); var appendVideo = function() { if ( hp_items[hp_item_index].video != null ) { $('#video-container').append(hp_items[hp_item_index].video); $('iframe')[0].src += '&autoplay=1'; $('#hp-img').css( { "display" : "none" } ); set_favorite_toggle_class($('.favorite_toggle')); } } $('#main').on('click', '#video-container', function() { $('#carousel').slick('slickPause'); appendVideo(); }); if (window.isMobile) { appendVideo(); } updateGraphs(hp_item_index); updateCarousel(hp_item_index); window.setTimeout( function() { $('.arrow-container').animate({ 'right' : 0 }, 300); }, 500); }); })(jQuery); Trending Articles
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