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Title The Drive - Cars, Culture, and the People Who Make Both

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title The Drive - The Drive - Cars, Culture, and the People Who Make Both
description Cars, Culture, and the People Who Make Both. Your Destination for All Things Automotive.
image http://d254andzyoxz3f.cloudfront.net/mercedes_c111_hero_copy.jpg
url http://www.thedrive.com
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  • [H1] The Aston Martin Vanquish Gets Zagato-ized
  • [H2] Six 1000+ Horsepower Camaros
  • [H2] We Want These Vibrant, Pop-Art Silkscreens of Malaise-Era Automotive Decay
  • [H2] What It's Like to Live in a City Without Uber
  • [H2] Stop Hating On The Ferrari Mondial
  • [H2] The Fast Times of Caitlyn Jenner, Race Car Driver
  • [H2] 15 Things You Didn’t Know About the 1961 Ferrari 250GT From Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • [H2] Driving The Dinan S3
  • [H2] Volvo's New Electric Cars for America
  • [H2] What Car Should Get the “Customized By Singer” Treatment Next?
  • [H2] Soldier Fires On Apache With Live Ammo During War Games At Fort Irwin
  • [H2] This Incredible '71 Oldsmobile Lowrider Cruises New York
  • [H2] Harley-Davidson's Roadster Sticks with Style over Substance
  • [H2] Those Old OV-10 Broncos Sent To Fight ISIS Were Laser Rocket-Slinging Manhunters
  • [H2] The Whole Car World Explained in a Single Poll
  • [H2] Slow, Good Days on the Raw Edge of the Rockies
  • [H2] What's the $200,000 Sports Car Sweet Spot?
  • [H2] Racing to Monterey in BMW's Spectacular M1
  • [H2] Yes, Elon Musk is Massively Influential, But Not For the Reasons You Think
  • [H2] Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible Quick Review
  • [H2] The 10 Most Powerful Social Media Influencers in the Auto World
  • [H2] All Boss, All the Time: The 5 Best Mustangs at Mecum's Indy Auction
  • [H2] Video Shows PKK Fighter Blasting A Turkish AH-1 Cobra Out Of The Sky With A Shoulder-Fired Missile
  • [H2] The Friction of Learning to Live in a Space the Size of a Walk-in Closet
  • [H2] Australia Is Getting The Baddest Diesel Electric Submarines On The Planet
  • [H2] The Build: Axle Roseth from the Dead
  • [H2] On Top Gun’s 30th Anniversary, We Talk to a Topgun Instructor Who Worked on the '80s Masterpiece
  • [H2] Testing Fate and Faultlines with the 416-hp Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared
  • [H2] Cadillac CT6 Takes Manhattan
  • [H2] Marines To Turn Super Hercules, Osprey Fleets Into Missile Slinging Electronic Warfare Platforms
  • [H2] The Most Memorable Indy 500 Ever, #8: 1982's Insane Finish
  • [H2] Buy This 1991 Mercedes-Benz 190E Evo II For $279,000
  • [H2] Audi Q3 Quick Review
  • [H2] Why Austin Should Run Screaming From #AustinDontRush Day
  • [H2] The 10 Most Influential Gearheads Who Happen To Be Celebrities
  • [H2] Inside the F-22 Raptor's Historic Surprise Deployment to Europe
  • [H2] Life in a Camper is a Constant Negotiation Between Consumption and Conservation
  • [H2] Look at This Sea Of Warthogs and Vipers Doing The “Elephant Walk” at Osan Air Base in South Korea
  • [H2] Driving a Morgan 3-Wheeler Trained Me to Stop a Mugging
  • [H2] Is the Ford Focus Titanium Still Gold?
  • [H2] Exclusive: Derek Bell Thinks Formula One Lacks Soul
  • [H2] The 10 Most Influential Car People in Sports
  • [H2] The Most Memorable Indy 500s Ever, #9
  • [H2] Watch This German Tornado Rip Up a Steep Canyon at Extremely Low Level
  • [H2] The 10 Most Influential People in the Business of Cars
  • [H2] How To Buy A Ford GT
  • [H2] Chevrolet Says Gas Prices Won't Affect Bolt Sales
  • [H2] The First Cars of 7 Legendary Racing Drivers
  • [H2] Rule #1 When Buying a Used Car: Trust Your Gut.
  • [H2] What It Was Like Flying And Fighting The F-16N Viper, Topgun's Legendary Hotrod
  • [H2] This Navy Cruiser Plows Through Some Nasty Swells Like A Boss
  • [H2] The Most Memorable Indy 500s Ever: #10
  • [H2] North Korea's Failed Ballistic Missile Launches Are No Laughing Matter
  • [H2] The 10 Most Influential People in Automotive Technology
  • [H2] The Best City Car is a Really Big Pickup Truck
  • [H2] BMW's Quest to Help Oracle Team USA Win the America's Cup, Again
  • [H2] What the Captain America: Civil War Superheroes Would Drive (Without Product Placement)
  • [H2] Cold, Wet, and Frozen Stiff on the Forgotten Edge of the Grand Canyon
  • [H2] A New York Exhibition Explores the Automobile in American Art
  • [H2] What Does a Nineties Heartthrob Underwear Model Have in His Garage?
  • [H2] Meet Volvo's 2017 Polestar V60 and S60
  • [H2] Five Cars We Wish Fiat-Chrysler Would Hellcat
  • [H2] The Car-Sharing App Battle in Austin Is Ruining My Life
  • [H2] The 8 Best Luxury Cars You Can Actually Afford
  • [H2] I Was Arrested, Then Kidnapped, During The Gumball 3000
  • [H2] The Drive 50’s Social Media Power Poll
  • [H2] Who Are the Most Important People in the Automotive World?
  • [H2] Was Graham Hill's Mustache the Secret to His F1 Glory?
  • [H2] The Only 'Ferrari' You Can Get Into for $60,000
  • [H2] This Beater '66 Shelby GT350 Is a Dusty Diamond—For $100,000
  • [H2] Enter The Drakan
  • [H2] Tyler Rogoway Has Touched Down at The Drive
  • [H2] Am I the Jackass?
  • [H2] The 2016 Toyota Prius C Makes No Sense—And That's the Appeal
  • [H2] Bow Before the Audi RS7, the Brand's Rippled Adonis
  • [H2] Google's New Autonomous Partnership With FCA Is More Than Just Heavy Petting
  • [H2] These Incredible Photos Show Supercross Is Actually an Air-Based Sport
  • [H2] Proof That A Muscle Car Doesn't Make You Tough
  • [H2] Keurig K675 Plus Brewing System First Review
  • [H2] Life on the Road Needs the Joy of a Cheap Instant Camera
  • [H2] We Tracked the Fastest SUV in the World
  • [H2] Our Favorite BMWs From the Past 100 Years
  • [H2] The Talladega Stunt Show, Brought To You By NASCAR
  • [H2] Three Things You Didn't Know About New York City's Troubled Highways
  • [H2] Where Winter Never Ends
  • [H2] Driving Emory Outlaws' Incredible and Sinister Porsche 356
  • [H2] In Defense of the Textalyzer
  • [H2] Getting Dirty with the Gotham City Land Cruiser Club
  • [H2] A Visual History of the Land Cruiser
  • [H2] Niki Lauda on Modern F1: Drivers Need More Ego, Less Moaning
  • [H2] Ferrari vs Lamborghini: The Battle of the GT3 Race Cars
  • [H2] The Honda Civic Coupe Is the New Integra
  • [H2] How to Cut Metal with an Acetylene Torch
  • [H2] Sibling Rivalry: Camaro Vs Corvette
  • [H2] Pop Culture Says If You Cheat, a Famous Female Recording Artist Will Smash Your Car Windows
  • [H2] The Porsche Cayman GT4 Is Just About Perfect On Track
  • [H2] Ducati’s Scrambler Sixty2 Will Give You Butterflies, But Its Hipster Marketing May Make You Puke
  • [H2] Here's How Car Companies Have Lied to You
  • [H2] The 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen Is the Most Beautiful Tractor Ever Made
  • [H2] What Is the Most Overrated Muscle Car?
  • [H2] Augmented Reality No Longer Car Geek Fantasy
  • [H2] The Jeep Wrangler Abides (and Conquers)
  • [H2] This 420 Horsepower Mitsubishi Eclipse Will Cure What Ails You
  • [H2] The 10 Nastiest Corporate Cheats of the 21st Century
  • [H2] 2016 BMW i3 Quick Review
  • [H2] BREAKING: Mitsubishi Has Been Falsifying Fuel Economy Numbers for 25 Years
  • [H2] The Demolished Cars of Beyoncé's 'Lemonade'
  • [H2] Tesla Model S P90D Ludicrous Proves Tesla Is the New Apple
  • [H2] Lessons in Adaptation
  • [H2] The Seven Greatest Missing Car Mysteries
  • [H2] A Family Road Trip in Chrysler’s New Pacifica Minivan; or, Schlepping, With Baggage
  • [H2] The Top 4 Collector Cars From the 1970s
  • [H2] How Would You Spend $35,000 On Cars?
  • [H2] 5 Times Silicon Valley Perfectly Parodied Techie Car Culture
  • [H2] Watch Honda’s Self-driving Toys Conquer Earth
  • [H2] The Build: Axle Folly
  • [H2] Family, and Familiarity
  • [H2] Testing Mercedes-Benz's New SLC Lineup
  • [H2] Ford Explorer Platinum Quick Review
  • [H2] Maserati's Levante Is a Spicy Meatball of an SUV
  • [H2] Does the Chevrolet Cruze Out-Civic the Civic?
  • [H2] Smog Is Gross, But it Makes For Oddly Beautiful Pictures
  • [H2] The Time I Snuck Into A Party At Prince's House
  • [H2] A Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG on a Racetrack Is a Bad Idea
  • [H2] 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD 4x4 Quick Review
  • [H2] Everything You Need to Know About the Ford GT Ownership Application Process
  • [H2] A Terrifying Lap in the Audi R8 V10 Plus
  • [H2] The Mustang GT350R Is a Screaming Exotic at Muscle Car Prices
  • [H2] Will Fiat Chrysler's Search for Love Lead to China?
  • [H2] The 7 Best Customized Celebrity Vehicles
  • [H2] Flat Track Motorcycle Ride-Alongs Are Terrifying
  • [H2] Transforming a Volkswagen Into a 740 Horsepower Guided Missile
  • [H2] In the Crook of the Rio Grande
  • [H2] Social Media Sleuths Help Find YouTube Star's Stolen Lotus in Paris
  • [H2] Audi's “Intelligence” Campaign a Few Brain Cells Short
  • [H2] Why Do We Love the Porsche 911 So Damn Much?
  • [H2] Lawrence Ulrich Drives the Audi R8 to 180 mph at Daytona
  • [H2] 20 Photographic Highlights of the Luftgekuhlt Porsche Show
  • [H2] Happy Birthday, Ford Mustang
  • [H2] Cadillac CT6 3.0TT AWD Platinum Quick Review
  • [H2] The Chevy Bolt / Tesla Model 3 Rivalry Is Hogwash
  • [H2] The Apple Car is Real, And You Will Never be Able to Buy One
  • [H2] 7 Vehicles You Definitely Shouldn't Operate Naked
  • [H2] 5 Animals the New Tesla Model S Resembles
  • [H2] Hurtful Days in Southwest Texas
  • [H2] Fiat Chrysler Loves Them Some Trucks
  • [H2] The Kia Sportage Spanks the Audi Q3
  • [H2] A Rally Driving Crash-Course at Team O'Neil
  • [H2] Rare Photos of a 1960's Gay Motorcycle Club
  • [H2] Land Rover Discovery Sport HSE Luxury Quick Review
  • [H2] M1GP Is 24 Hours of Motorcycle Torture
  • [H2] The 8 Worst Customized Celebrity Cars
  • [H2] Lexus LX 570 Quick Review
  • [H2] The Worst Cars for Sale in America
  • [H2] The 7 Sexiest Cars Without Grills (Before the Tesla Model S)
  • [H2] Our Infrastructure Is a Big Stiffarm to Self-Driving Cars
  • [H2] Matt Farah Is Back With /TUNED and the Perfect BMW 2002
  • [H2] Interior Designer Critiques Car Interior: Tom Samet on the Audi S8 Plus
  • [H2] Can IndyCar Make Racing Safer?
  • [H2] Five Things You Didn't Know About the Tesla Model 3
  • [H2] AMA Pro Flat Track is The Last Great Spectacle in Racing
  • [H2] Follow The Drive As We Try to Break an Autonomous Record in a Tesla P90D
  • [H2] Mexico Might Be the New Detroit
  • [H2] How Can NASCAR Be Better?
  • [H2] How Gen X Will Blow Up the Vintage Sports Car Market
  • [H2] Is the Convertible Crossover a Thing Now?
  • [H2] The Ten Most Expensive Cars Sold At Auction—Ever
  • [H2] The Build: How to Change Your Oil
  • [H2] What’s It Like to Spacewalk at 17,500 mph?
  • [H2] Watch These Lamborghinis Drift at Snow Driving School
  • [H2] The Slow and Steady Death of the Gowanus Expressway
  • [H2] We Rank IndyCar's Greatest Drivers of All Time
  • [H2] For The Love of Austin
  • [H2] Audi's Flagship S8 Still Has What It Takes
  • [H2] Here's What the Car of the Future Looks Like According to Major Automakers
  • [H2] The Fiat 500 Abarth Is Still a Sex Bomblet
  • [H2] How to Dominate Instagram Car Photography
  • [H2] The Drive's 5 Essential Spring Fragrances
  • [H2] The Maestro of Mercedes Gullwings
  • [H2] You've Been Doing the Scandinavian Flick All Wrong
  • [H2] Some Trips Are Only About the Destination
  • [H2] The 10 New Cars With the Worst Fuel Economy
  • [H2] Why The Tesla Model X Will Make You Want an American SUV
  • [H2] 2016 Chevrolet Camaro LT Quick Review
  • [H2] On to Texas
  • [H2] Attacking Moab in an Off-Road Hyundai Tucson
  • [H2] The Drive Goes Behind the Scenes at Formula E Long Beach
  • [H2] All Is Right in the House of Drift
  • [H2] The 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk Is the Only Jeep You Need
  • [H2] Behind the Scenes at Mr. Softee's Ice Cream Truck Garage
  • [H2] The Build: How to Check Your Oil, Tire Pressure
  • [H2] Louisiana, and the Lessons Therein
  • [H2] A First Look at the Brilliant Tesla Model 3
  • [H2] Porsche 911 Tuner RWB: Behind the Scenes at The Drive
  • [H2] The Long First Month
  • [H2] Audi A3 Sportback e-tron Quick Review
  • [H2] Meet the Roborace Driverless Racecar
  • [H2] The 2017 Corvette Grand Sport, a Story Told in 8 Photos
  • [H2] It Took 27 Years to Build This French Hot Rod
  • [H2] How to Not Kill Your Dog in the Car
  • [H2] What the Hell's Wrong With Oregon Drivers?
  • [H2] Five Hijackings So Lame, EgyptAir MS181 Doesn't Even Make The Cut
  • [H2] Watch Japanese Porsche Tuner Nakai Build a 911 in Under 2 Minutes
  • [H2] What's the Most Popular Color For Cars?
  • [H2] Unpopular Opinion: The Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Doesn't Need a Turbo
  • [H2] Hitting Manhattan (and Picking Up Chicks) in Nissan's Mobility Concept
  • [H2] Unpopular Opinion: The EcoBoost Ford Mustang Is the Best Mustang
  • [H2] Andy Green Wants To Be the Fastest Man on Earth
  • [H2] Meet the New Wave of Female Motorcyclists
  • [H2] Rediscovering Magic in the Original Acura NSX
  • [H2] For the Love of the Gulf
  • [H2] The Very Best of the 2016 New York Auto Show
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 7: Enzo's Last Ride
  • [H2] How the Chevy Camaro ZL1 Will Slay Ford's Mustang Shelby GT350R
  • [H2] 7 Of Aviation's Most Unsettling Mysteries (Besides Amelia Earhart)
  • [H2] Behind The Wheel of All-Time Great Mercedes, Jaguars, and BMWs
  • [H2] Live Streaming Now: RWB's Akira Nakai Builds a Porsche Masterpiece in The Drive's Garage
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 6: In With the New
  • [H2] The 5 Best Details of Lincoln's Excellent, Planet-Sized Navigator
  • [H2] The 2017 Mazda Miata RF Has Fastback Looks, Open-Roof Charm
  • [H2] 2016 Fiat 500 vs. 1972 Fiat 500L
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 5: Coming to America
  • [H2] 2016 New York Auto Show: A Preliminary Guide to What's Coming
  • [H2] Behind the Wheel of the Jeep Trailcat Wrangler Concept
  • [H2] Lost In The Weeds of Days
  • [H2] I Drove the Worst Car in America
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 4: Retribution for a Thief
  • [H2] An Old Nikon, Expired Film, and the NASCAR Daytona 500
  • [H2] Even Among Elite Metal, the Porsche Cayman GT4 Shines
  • [H2] Are Car TV Shows Doomed? Ask The Drive.
  • [H2] A Field Guide to Rust
  • [H2] Driving the Rolls-Royce Dawn, a Supremely Regal Bodice Ripper
  • [H2] The Build: Getting the Rust Out
  • [H2] Running Toward the Fears of Fatherhood
  • [H2] Erin Go Cargh: The 16 Most Interesting Irish Automotive Facts
  • [H2] Driving The 1991 NSX: A Reminder of When Life Was Fresh and Still Held Promise
  • [H2] Replica Donuts Are Just as Tasty
  • [H2] TAG Heuer Re-Issues Two Great Motorsport Watches
  • [H2] The 2016 Nissan Sentra Redeems 'Basic Transportation'
  • [H2] How Your Car Fits Into Apple's Privacy Battle With the US Government
  • [H2] Would the World Be Better Off Without Cars?
  • [H2] How to Be a March Madness Tailgating Hero
  • [H2] The B-1 Lancer Is America’s Forgotten Bomber Hero
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 2: 'Too Much Money For Normal Business'
  • [H2] Driving a Vintage, Rally-Prepped Mercedes-Benz 1963 220SEb
  • [H2] Florida, of All Places, And of All Florida, The Keys
  • [H2] An Interview With David Gooding, the Man Who Sold $20M Worth of Seinfeld's Collectibles
  • [H2] A Gearhead’s Guide to Cuba
  • [H2] Critics' Notebook: 2016 Lexus RX 450h F Sport
  • [H2] What Is It Like to Blast Off the Planet?
  • [H2] The Weird, Wild Saga of Gizmondo, Part 1
  • [H2] Does the 2017 Acura NSX Have a Soul?
  • [H2] The Most Beautiful F1 Car of All Time
  • [H2] The Build, Part VI: The Wonderful World of New Parts
  • [H2] NASA’s Supersonic Flight Mission Is a Fool’s Errand
  • [H2] IndyCar Hero Scott Dixon Visits The Drive
  • [H2] Run to the Atlantic
  • [H2] The New Audi A4 Brings Brains and Beauty Instead of Brawn
  • [H2] Classics Department: Persol 714 Sunglasses
  • [H2] Subaru May Have a Mid-Engined Hybrid Sports Car Coming
  • [H2] Six Great Motorcycles for Tall Riders
  • [H2] The 5 Loneliest Roads in America
  • [H2] How Pickups Are Gaming the Government's Fuel-Economy Mandate
  • [H2] The Evaporating Iditarod
  • [H2] The New Audi A8 Doesn't Need to Sell
  • [H2] Bentley's New Fragrance Breaks Wind After Geneva
  • [H2] Almost, But Not Quite, Crashing the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300
  • [H2] 7 Sexist Car Ads That Show We've Made Some Progress
  • [H2] Inevitable Virginia
  • [H2] Jay Leno Tries a Pair of Customized, Harley-Davidson Tilting Trikes
  • [H2] Cruising Miami in a Custom Pagani Huayra
  • [H2] Volvo S90, Porsche Mission E Win Designs of the Year Awards at Geneva 2016
  • [H2] On the Road. At Last.
  • [H2] When Did the Geneva Motor Show Get So Ugly?
  • [H2] Inside the Wild and Extravagant Business of Bespoke Luxury Cars
  • [H2] 5 Cars Perfect For Being Stoned In
  • [H2] Rolls-Royce Now Offering Murdered-Out Cars From the Factory
  • [H2] 6 Great Cars That Still Won't Bring Tracy Back
  • [H2] The Soul of the Machine
  • [H2] Leaving Knoxville
  • [H2] The Miami Tuners Responsible for Yoenis Céspedes' Wildest Rides
  • [H2] Why the New BMW 8-Series Makes Sense
  • [H2] The Chevy Corvette Grand Sport Returns
  • [H2] Your Favorite Car Designer Probably Went to ArtCenter College of Design, Pasadena
  • [H2] NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly’s Year in Space
  • [H2] What's the Worst Porsche of All Time?
  • [H2] Driving the Volvo S90, Sweden’s New BMW 5-Series Fighter
  • [H2] Diesel Isn't Dead
  • [H2] Bundy Drove a Beetle: The Cars of Serial Killers
  • [H2] The 6 Best Leap Day Leaps
  • [H2] The S-Class? Try the Mercedes-Benz Oligarch-Class
  • [H2] 15 Surprising Facts About the Making of Oscar Winner Mad Max: Fury Road
  • [H2] The 9 Custom Limousines the Oscars Nominees Should Be Using
  • [H2] The Build: Mike and Eric "Help" Take Out the Engine
  • [H2] The Drive’s First Annual Revvies
  • [H2] Forget About the “New Ford Bronco”: the Best Bronco Lives in the Past
  • [H2] Critics' Notebook: 2016 Ferrari California T
  • [H2] Behind the Wheel of the Only V-12 Toyota Century in North America
  • [H2] Sophia Loren May Have Been the Fifties’ Most Beautiful Motorist
  • [H2] The 1650 Horsepower Sleeper in Jay Leno’s Garage
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