Academic Scholarship

In the Manado district of Indonesia, Compassion staff saw that caregivers had big dreams for their teenagers but few resources to help those dreams come true. Because partners like you gave academic scholarships, Compassion was able to form the Youth Forum among six Compassion centers in Indonesia. These six centers nominated 20 students who have received scholarships to associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs. Staff say their goal is to “raise up this generation’s Daniels and Esthers.” Today, all 20 students are enrolled in school and are working hard to achieve their dreams. “[The students] continue to maintain their activeness at the center, and continue to set a good example and role model,” says Andrew, who works with the Youth Forum. “They are very proud to be part of the program and also very proud to have the opportunity to continue their education to a higher level. It is clear that they really care about the trust that has been given to them.” Thank you again for supporting students like these across the globe!

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