The COVID-19 pandemic hit families in the Chilaw region of Sri Lanka hard. As Compassion staff surveyed these communities, they were devastated by what they found — curfews made it nearly impossible to work, and children were feeling hopeless and sad. How could they help parents find safe work? And maybe even give their children a fun activity to distract them from the pandemic? Chickens! Because of generous partners like you, 25 families received their own flock of chickens to raise. Each family attended trainings at the Compassion center so they knew how best to care for their new flocks to ensure lots of fresh eggs. Additionally, they were given the resources to construct a chicken coop at their home. Being able to collect eggs in their own backyards meant they could sell eggs to their neighbors and earn money without being impacted by curfews. And children now have fun learning about how to take care of their family’s new chickens! Because of your support, families are able to sustainably support themselves by raising chickens and other livestock at their homes — thank you!

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