Poverty is complex. Take rural Rwanda, for example. Most families depend on subsistence farming. But their small farms have been overcultivated, so they struggle to grow crops. Small crops mean that there is not enough food, and children are malnourished. Malnourished children rarely have the energy to go to school or to the Compassion project. As the staff at four Compassion centers pondered these issues, they came up with the idea of purchasing cattle for the families they serve. And because of gifts from partners like you, they have been able to give cows to 60 families in their communities — a number that will only grow! Each family received a cow, training and the supplies to build a small shed. And when those cows give birth, their calves will be given to other Compassion-assisted families. This practice is known as kuziturirana, and it creates unity and cements friendships between the givers and the receivers. Because of your gift, children now have plenty of milk to drink, families have more fertile soil, and the cycle of poverty is being broken — thank you!

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