Help Babies Reach Their 1st Birthday

Geraldine was raised by her grandmother, but when she became pregnant, her grandmother could no longer support her. Geraldine had nowhere to go. She sometimes had no choice but to sleep on the streets in one of the poorest and most dangerous areas of Haiti, and she struggled to find enough to eat. She was vulnerable, fragile and desperate. She knew her life and that of her unborn baby were at risk. But thanks to the generosity of friends like you, Geraldine got the support she needed from her local Compassion church partner. She was registered in the Survival Program and, with the center’s help, found a home and established a small laundry business. She also received medical care, food kits and education on caring for her baby. Now, Geraldine and her son, Richardelin, are doing well. “Every time I watch my growing son, I realize how blessed I am. The Lord has turned my tears into joy!” she says. Thank you for helping nourish and protect babies like Richardelin through their first year of life!

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