Income Generation Bundle

Poverty often robs people of their dreams. Instead, they are stuck in the day to day reality of trying to find work, trying to feed their children, trying to simply survive. But for a group of Compassion-assisted families in Indonesia, there is finally the freedom to dream big dreams! And because of your gift of an income-generation bundle, those dreams are coming true. What began as a small gardening initiative has grown into a huge hydroponics greenhouse at the Compassion center. Families are now able to fill their own dinner tables and the center is able to provide fresh vegetables to each child. And with the extra harvest, they are selling vegetables to local restaurants and grocery markets, reinvesting funds back into the growing greenhouse at the center! More than 40 families are involved in the vegetable growing business, with 10 more young adults from the center participating in entrepreneurship training. Families have increased their monthly income and have learned valuable skills to run their own businesses — all because friends like you cared enough to give an income-generation bundle! Thank you!

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