Lifesaving Surgery

Every time David heard an ambulance siren on the street near his home in Kenya, he ran away and hid. The sound brought back terrible memories for the frightened little boy. When David was just 3 years old, he collapsed and was in a coma for several days. Doctors discovered that the boy had a congenital heart defect. For years, Compassion helped David’s family cover his medical bills. But a few years ago, David’s condition worsened, and doctors said he would need to travel to India for open-heart surgery. Because supporters like you gave to support lifesaving surgeries, Compassion was able to walk alongside David and his family every step of the way. Staff helped David and his family get passports, and they covered the cost of his and a family member’s flights to India. Today, David is back home and recovering well! “David is now happy and confident … he no longer fears the ambulance sirens since he is now well healed and better.” Because of friends like you, children like David can live full, healthy lives. Thank you!

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