Water Bundle

The district of Binah is one of the poorest in Togo. One of the area’s core issues is a lack of safe, sanitary water, and polluted water has led to rampant waterborne diseases, especially among children. Three Compassion centers in this region have worked together to come up with a long-term, multi-faceted solution to this complicated problem. And because partners like you gave water bundles, they are able to put those plans into action. To start with, staff conducted a study to determine the best site for new wells and boreholes, and they analyzed the water to ensure it was safe and clean. They constructed a large water tank and solar panels to run the pumps, then received training on how to run and maintain the boreholes. Additionally, each center built handwashing stations and bathrooms and showers. Health workers at the center also taught children and families about hand-washing, water hygiene and waterborne disease prevention. All of that because you cared enough to invest in a water bundle to help families in poverty — thank you!

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