Water Filter

In the Philippines, more than 4,200 people die each year because of contaminated drinking water. Thousands more get sick from unsafe water, with children missing hours of school and parents unable to work when they’re ill. Because partners like you gave water filters, families in the Philippines are finally gaining access to safe water. A group of 32 church partners in the Philippines minister to children and families who are at particularly high risk for waterborne diseases because they get most of their drinking water from open wells or commercial water stations. Staff there have obtained 6,483 water filters for Compassion beneficiaries and their families. Each child and his or her family received one complete water filter system that will yield 1 million gallons of safe water — enough for a lifetime. The centers provide both training on using the filter and hygiene education to ensure long-term results and improved health. And because families no longer have to boil water, they can save cooking gas and kerosene! Thank you for ensuring a lifetime of clean, safe water for children around the world.

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