Water Wells

At a cluster of three Compassion centers in Uganda, staff noticed some disturbing trends among the children they served. Each month, dozens of boys and girls missed school and time at the center because of waterborne diseases, including typhoid. Families collected water from springs, swamps and dirty harvesting tanks, leading to widespread illnesses. But because friends like you gave toward water wells, these centers were able to build wells, clean water storage areas and boreholes. Through this intervention, more than 2,300 registered children, their families and their surrounding communities all have access to safe, clean water. And waterborne diseases have decreased dramatically! At one center, three solar-powered boreholes have already been constructed, and the other centers have plans well underway. Additionally, centers have been able to hold hygiene classes because children finally have enough water to wash their hands, bathe and brush their teeth regularly. Thank you for your gift of water wells — thousands of children just like these no longer have to worry that a glass of water will make them sick!

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