two boys eat rice from a plate with their hands
two boys eat rice from a plate with their hands

Fight Hunger. Give Hope.

Responding to the global food crisis is vital to our mission, and we need your support.

The world is facing the most severe food shortage in 70 years and children are most vulnerable... but why?

Effects of the pandemic, severe weather, and the Russia-Ukraine war threaten our world with a global food crisis, and now we're facing the most severe shortage we've seen since World War II — and children living in poverty are the most vulnerable and hardest hit. Our church partners see every day how hunger is harming children, stunting their development and keeping them from their full potential. So new needs from these partners are already pouring in. As they faithfully serve, they’ll help stabilize their communities in the short term while providing long-term hunger mitigation – all in Jesus’ name.

The impact and reach of world hunger and it’s affect on children can’t be ignored


People in the World Affected

9.9% of people globally are affected by world hunger, which has been worsened by the food crisis.


Malnourished Children

149,000,000 children (about one in five worldwide) are chronically malnourished.


Children Deaths/Year

3,100,000 children die from undernutrition each year.

The best ways to respond to the Global Food Crisis today

In the center of conflict, Jesus sets a table to feed the hungry and care for the vulnerable — and with your support, Compassion’s local church partners are being his hands and feet.

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"I remember the day I witnessed a child at the center eat four plates of food and ask for another. We asked him why he was eating like that. His answer broke our heart: 'I’m eating because I don’t know when I’m going to eat again."

Pastor Gleydson, Brazil