Children around the world dream of a future where they can thrive. Compassion Sunday is a special opportunity to share your experience as a sponsor with your church family, and help children see their dreams come true through sponsorship.

Here’s How To Get Started

  1. Order A Planning Guide

    In your FREE guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about hosting Compassion Sunday — from planning your presentation to connecting your church family with children in need.

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  2. Register your event

    Once you work with your pastor to set a date, it’s time to register your event. After you register, we’ll send you an Event Kit with table decorations, a T-shirt, child packets, helpful instructions and more!

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  3. Host your event

    Show a short video to your church family, share your heart for helping children in poverty, and ask them to change a life by sponsoring a waiting child.

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What is Compassion Sunday?

Compassion Sunday is a day set apart when people like you are equipped and empowered to speak up in their very own churches for children living in poverty.

During a Compassion Sunday event, a host will generally:

  • Give an announcement or short testimony about their Compassion sponsorship experience
  • Share a short video highlighting the hope a sponsor can bring to a child’s life
  • Invite members of the congregation to sponsor a child

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young child smiling

There are millions of children living in poverty. Every single one of them deserves a brighter future.

And you can be the one to give it to them.

In less than an hour, on just one day, you can make an eternal impact. Host Compassion Sunday at your church and become a vital part of the nationwide movement that’s releasing children from poverty around the world.

Ready to change more lives?

Your voice is the one that will connect more children to the local church through sponsorship. Say, “YES!” to giving more children the opportunity for a future where they can thrive.

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Yvonne, Compassion Sunday host

“I love sharing with people how sponsorship is changing lives. Your sponsorship story can be what God will use to encourage someone to sponsor a Compassion child, which will lead to an eternal, life-changing relationship.”
— Yvonne, Compassion Sunday host