This month’s prayer letter comes from 10-year-old Maya in Bolivia. She lives with her mother and attends the local Compassion center, where staff taught her how to pray. For three years, Maya prayed that God would heal her dad, who was sick. Even though he passed away, Maya’s faith remains strong.


Dear Prayer Partner,

I know God listens to me. My father was sick for as long as I can remember. He had a catheter and couldn’t speak. He had problems with his lungs and was always taking pills. I prayed that he would feel better. I didn’t like to see him like that. When I saw him in pain, I knew I had to pray harder.

Six months ago, my father died. I know God answered my prayer, because I asked him to let my father live a little longer; I trusted he would answer, and he did. I didn’t want my father to die, but I feel God took him so he wouldn’t suffer anymore. I am sad because I miss him, but I’m also happy, because I know my father is well now.

If other children are praying for something and want God to answer them, I would tell them to continue praying, because he will answer. They shouldn’t feel discouraged. God listens to everything children and adults tell him. All Christians should never stop praying.

In Christ,


  • Praise God that a local church partner in Brazil was able to provide food for Gabriel, Gabrielly and Jonas’s family during their time of need.
  • Praise God for the dedication of counselors in the Philippines who are supporting children and families impacted by recent typhoons.
  • Praise God for providing Lawrence in Bangladesh with the opportunity to study and develop his soccer skills at a sports institute.
  • Praise God for the safe delivery of Richard and his wife’s twins in Rwanda. Pray for their continued health.